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Correction to instructions for finding Gdansk Hotel Admiral

We arrived in Gdansk yesterday afternoon, a few days early for our Best of Poland tour. Unfortunately, the directions provided in the tour packet to find the tour hotel, the Admiral, do not address how to get there from the train station; I'll post some notes on that later.

We did eventually find the point where bus 210 from the airport stops, and were able to follow the directions from there.

However, there is an error in the directions. The directions have you

Turn your back to the station and walk down Karmelicka (pedestian pathway snaking between the malls.)

That part is fine, but the next line says:

Take the second left onto Korzenna and continue for several blocks until you reach a canal.....

No, friends, no. Take the second right onto Korzenna, and continue you on until you reach a canal.

In addition, there's another problem. A later step has you make

an immediate left onto a narrow lane called Tobiasza...

That would work, except Tobiasza is completely blocked off, being reconstructed, evidently. Instead, you can take another tiny lane that runs just before you get to Tobiasza, watching for a place to cut through to the tennis courts, or you could just stay on Podwale Staromiejskie until you see the large concrete monument to the fallen in the concentration camps. Turn right there, and walk a short block directly to the front door of the hotel.

I do intend to email the office about these differences, and will make some suggestions later about how to get to the hotel from the train station. One would think you would just follow the directions given for the bus, but it's not quite that simple, unless you're luckier than we were choosing which exit to take from the train station.

The hotel is lovely, by the way, The staff have been extremely helpful, and the breakfast is wonderful.

Off to join a food tour....

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Welcome back to Europe ! That left instead of right is rather problematic !! Of course the office couldn't have known about the Tobiaszka street being under construction but you may well save someone else some trouble !!

Enjoy your food tour and beautiful Gdansk.

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YIkes! That could have you wandering around quite a bit! Glad you finally found the hotel!

Have a wonderful time in Poland and on the tour.

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I found it confusing to get from the train station to my (completely different) Krakow hotel, too. The train station location seems awkward. I highly recommend consulting an electronic map on your smartphone to be sure the tracking dot shows you are moving in the right direction.