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Comparison….RS Spain (14 days) vs RS Greece (14 days)

If you took both tours, which tour did you like best? Why? When did you go?

I am just trying to make a decision for Spring, 2015.


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Hi John,
My husband and I have done both tours (Greece, ~September 2010 and Spain, ~September 2012).

We enjoyed both. My husband loved the food in Greece; he became obsessed with mousaka. Whenever the restaurant offered it (which was pretty much every restaurant) he ordered it. He liked the freshness of the fruits and vegetables primarily because they were locally grown and harvested. I loved their lamb dishes. I wanted to go to Greece, primarily for Athens and the Parthenon; the rest of the tour was interesting, because it is mountainous (~80%) and not like the tourist depictions of whitewashed, blue roofed buildings. Miles and miles of olive trees...... We arrived and stayed a day at the beginning and end to see a few places in Athens not covered by the tour. Maybe, one day we will get to visit some of the other islands besides Hydra.......

Our RS Spain was one of the very last that included Morocco. We arrived a couple days early to visit Montserrat (for me) and Figueres and Cadaques (for my husband....he's a big Dali fan). We enjoyed the RS Spain tour as well. Each of the large cities, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, etc. has their own charm and character. Exploring the Alhambra was awesome and we're so glad we ventured into Tangiers.

How to choose? Hard to say, save your pennies and plan to do each :-) Which one tugs at your heart more? Or, do a pros/cons list of what you want to see in each country.... You won' go wrong with either decision.

Good luck and happy traveling!

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I assisted the Greece tour in Oct. 2006 and Spain w/Morocco in Oct. 2011. Both are quite varied and exciting itieneraries. Spain wins for big cities, art museums, beautiful architecture from many periods, and more variety in the food. Greece wins for beaches, ancient architecture and archeology, and a more relaxed national attitude.

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Just want to add that the " whitewashed buildings" are not just a " tourist description " but a regional style. The villages and towns on the Cyclade islands are in fact whitewashed that sun reflecting off the sea is harsh!