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We are taking the Heart of Italy tour, but are wondering if we actually get into the Collosseum? Would it be a good idea for us to book a tour when we arrive the day before the tour begins, or the morning of our tour?
If so, any tour suggestions?

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I did the HofI tour last march, and yes, we toured the Colosseum with an excellent local guide. One of the highlights of the tour.

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I haven't taken this tour (but been to Rome several times and seen the interior of the Colosseum) but suggest that you browse the reviews:

Interestingly enough, while there are some mentions of RS tour visits "in" or "floor of" the Colosseum - which would answer your question - it appears to be low on the list of the most memorable experiences of that tour. Reviewers seemed to have been more wowed by other places/attractions (Volterra, CT, Vatican, Accademia, Lucca, etc.)

So, you're going to have a great time!

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Yes, it's listed as included:

"All tours and admissions — at no extra cost — covering at least 15 group sightseeing events • Ancient Rome walking tour • Colosseum • Roman Forum • Pantheon • Evening walk through Rome including Trevi Fountain • Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel • Volterra walking tour • Guarnacci Etruscan Museum • Alabaster workshop • Wine tasting • Lucca walking tour • Orientation for "vacation" day in the Cinque Terre • Renaissance Florence walking tour • Florence's Accademia (Michelangelo's David) • Uffizi Gallery…and more"

You'll actually go in to all the venues listed here and your admission is covered. You'll have a local guide for the Colosseum and Forum (take water, wear a sun hat as there is very little shade in the Forum).

If you are getting there early (GOOD idea!) there is plenty to do without doing the Colosseum/Forum. I will admit that I HAD to walk over there just to see it from the outside. Yes, it looks just like it does in pictures. Jaw-dropping. It looks like the schedule is still the same as when I did it in 2013 where you check out of the hotel, load luggage onto the bus and head for the Colosseum/forum visit, then head out of town after that.

Here's what Rick recommends pre-tour:

"Here are a few suggestions for sightseeing that we do not do as a group: Borghese Gallery (reservations mandatory, closed Mondays), Spanish Steps, Capitoline Museums, Santa Maria Maggiore, Castel Sant'Angelo, Capuchin Crypt, Ancient Appian Way (great for biking), and catacombs. Most museums are closed on Mondays. Confirm your sightseeing plans with any tourist information office. If you are interested in seeing the pope, you may want to attend the Sunday blessing. You can check the pope's schedule in advance."

I really enjoyed doing the Basilica San Clemente which has several layers of church and holy sites underneath the current church including a Temple of Mythras at the lowest level. Very interesting! On another tour in Rome I did the Capitoline Museum which I liked very much.

I hope you enjoy this tour. It was my first one and unfortunately it got me hooked, hahaha!!