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Cinque Terre weather in October?

When does the weather start to get "iffie" for a few days stay in Cinque Terre? Thanks! Kerry

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I've always had fine weather on the Mediterranean cost over several years of October visits. Places I've been rained on in October include Paris, Normandy, Rome, and all of Bulgaria.

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Was there the last week of September a couple of years ago, temps in the 50s the first day with 40 MPH winds off the Med and light rain. It was too windy for the boats, but OK to hike a bit. Next two days were in the high 70s with light winds and clear skies and everything was easily accessible. I'd recommend a light jacket, a sweater and lightweight layered clothing and you should be fine when you're going. I took my golf rain suit as a precaution and it saved me several times on the trip. Views from the hiking trails will be great in October, but save some time for relaxing and their incredible wines (even the grapes are great). I'm going back solo next April to hike all nine miles of the trails and the weather then is supposed to be fabulous.

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thanks Laura and Jim! I will perhaps wait until the tours for April to Italy open up this next you know when that usually happens?

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In general, in the CT, the weather starts to get iffie sometime in October, at least it seems October is a transitional month, weather-wise. Of course, as one of the above posts mentions, the weather can be bad in September, or in April. You just never know. Some travelers here will report "we had good weather in the CT in October." And then again, some travelers have reported not-so-good weather in the CT in October.
If we had good weather data, which we don't, it would probably show that on average there is some difference between weather in the CT in early October versus late October, on average. But weather is never average.

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This sounds like a question to consult an almanac (or some weather predictor website) but you can have my data point, but I think it was freak weather that experience:

I went to the Cinque Terre the week of Oct 18 2010 (somewhere middle of that week) and it was raining. The rain caused the park (the Cinque Terre park network) to close some of the trails/roads for safety. It was cold and wet: I layered up and was barely comfortable (but as I live in California and am a wimp to cold, the low 50s already feel chilly to me). Some rich lady tourists I noticed on the Cinque Terre trail (I am making a guess about their economic status based on some visible clues) were wearing lightly padded quilty looking trench coats and hats and looked comfortably warm. At night, the wind was pretty strong.

Lest that account deter you: let me assure you the weather did not ruin my experience. When it's cold, the tourist hordes empty out so it's not as crowded.

You appreciate parts of your trip like coming into a warm hotel after walking outside, a hot cup of coffee/tea, seeing your friends in a brightly lit restaurant, and discovering that your freshly washed clothes you've been wearing half a week now and are sick of seeing, having come out of a warm dryer, are now wonderful. The hot focaccia at that shop is a great snack break while you wait a few minutes for the rain to clear. You pay attention when the sun comes out for your chance at great photos.