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Chooosing Travel Insurance

Somehow I thought that the insurance option was part of the registration process the last time that I booked w/RS. I must have remembered wrong. Where have you found the best options for Travel Insurance?

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If you look at your tour account page, there is a small blue box on the right hand column that links to RS tours suggested travel insurance provider.

This is a question that comes up frequently. There are sites where you can compare different travel insurance such as There are companies that sell annual travel insurance vs. trip specific insurance (Allianz is one). There are companies that focus in on health coverage or evacuation coverage such as GeoBlue or Medjet.

The first step is to decide what types of losses are you wanting to insure for and how much coverage do you already have through existing policies. Those on Medicare need to ascertain if their supplemental policies will cover overseas. Many premium credit cards offer some level of trip coverage at no additional charge.

Whatever approach you decide to take, be sure to read and understand your coverage and know what the claims process is. Many a traveler has faced frustration when they didn’t really understand their coverage.

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For AARP members they have travel web site Aardy I think . Found decent policy at a better price than Travelguard for RS Eastern France tour (booked march 2022 for last September Tour ). I wanted to share a general note of caution I recently received from a friend who is retired insurance coverage litigator. Be careful about the terms requiring coverage of ALL prepaid expenses. Apparently not updating for all prepaid may jeopardize coverage overall! Devil is in the details.