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"Celebrity" encounter with Cameron Hewitt


I haven't posted much lately, as I've been occupied recovering from my second knee replacement. But I wanted to relate an experience I had during our October trip to the Seattle/Tacoma area.

Since we were in Seattle, I insisted on making the short pilgrimage to the RSE office in Edmonds. We browsed a bit, picking up a few items to buy and talked to one of the office staffers about our Best of Scotland tour next April. We happened to be standing near the "Staff Only" door when I saw someone familiar heading that way. No, it wasn't Rick. But it was someone I recognized, and I impulsively called out, in total fan-boy style, "Hey, you look familiar. Cameron?"

It was, indeed, Cameron Hewitt, Rick's co-author, blogger and Eastern Europe expert. He was gracious enough to stop and chat with us for a few minutes. He asked about our upcoming travels and we talked about our mutual Midwestern roots. He never acted like he was in a hurry or that we were bothering him, and after our brief chat he excused himself to get to work. He absolutely could not have been nicer and I enjoyed our little brush with travel "royalty."

My wife still teases me a bit about acting like a fan-boy with a travel writer, and she also reminds me that I failed to ask for a selfie.

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Isn’t it fun to meet in person someone you’ve followed online for awhile. I had the same fan girl experience with Sarah Murdoch last January. And you’re not alone in forgetting to get photographic evidence. I often joke that my camera and my swimsuit have one thing in common — widely traveled, seldom used. Of course, it’s easier now with my phone as a camera, but it’s often after the fact that I think of taking a photo.

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Stoutfella, first of all wishing you a speedy recovery. Thanks for sharing your "Celebrity" encounter at RS Headquarters. We are fortunate to live 15 mins. from the office so have taken frequent classes from Cameron and other notable staff members and guides. As you mentioned Cameron is very approachable & knowledgeable! He is always willing to answer questions during class time as well as afterwards. Have to say we always feel welcome at the office. Glad you had the opportunity to visit. Enjoy your Scotland Tour!

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We know the feeling! About 2 years ago, after taking a My Way trip and loving it, we went to visit my son in Tacoma. Going to Edmonds was on our list too. We had made arrangements to meet our tour "facilitator" at the office. He was so gracious and took us for coffee. When we got back I said, I know Rick isn't in the country yet, too bad. I was reading his blogs. He just looked at me and pointed up. He took us upstairs and introduced us to the man himself! HE couldn't have been nicer and yep, I didn't have the nerve to do a selfie! It was great!!!!

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Enjoyed your post, I’m going to the Tour Reunion later this month and am excited at getting to meet Rick Steves and other notables! Plus meeting other travel enthusiasts and chatting about travel. A slice of heaven!

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Had breakfast with Cameron's father (or, at least someone who said he was Cameron's father!) at the Hotel de Emauspoort in Delft back in 2012. He said he had just arrived in Europe and was getting over jet-lag for a couple days in Delft before heading off to points farther east to meet up with his son. It was enjoyable talking with him, as he had many travel stories to share.

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Hope you are doing well. Been thinking about you. We enjoyed our visit to the reunion in 2017. Saw Rick (but I have met him twice. He has been to Oklahoma twice to where my son went to college in Edmond, ok). So I was a little giddy myself.

Hoping to go to the reunion again in 2020 or 2021

Take care!

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It's always fun to meet someone on the RS crew. Haven't met Cameron yet, but I met Steve Smith once and Rick a few times. All very kind and helpful when answering questions.

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I thought until I read it that you were talking about David Cameron!

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So did I. The only other person of note I could think of was my grandmother, who was a Cameron. Long dead alas.

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Ha! Sorry for the confusion. I edited my post to add Cameron’s last name in the title.