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Canc any reason insurance for deposit amount

Just booked tour for 2024, I remember reading on Forum to just put in amount of deposit of $800. and then add in total cost when paying 60 days before tour. I checked with FAYE and have it in writing this will work (and adding any other expenses as they come up) Has anyone done this with success?

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If by success you mean being able to add expenses to the trip insurance after the initial purchase, then "Yes" we have done this twice. I booked plane tickets within a week of putting a deposit on a tour, so took out CFAR insurance for the total those two amounts. Added the rest of the tour, and a couple nights at a hotel before the tour, as we paid for those items. Not on a tour this year, but followed the same pattern for insuring our independent travel this year. Bought through Insure My Trip both times, two different insurance companies, but CFAR policies each time.

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Thanks! Just don't want to shell out the lfull large amount for 2 65+ in case we change our mind later on. Tour not until 9/24.