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Can we piggyback Cinque Terre at either end of our tour?

My husband and I are considering an RS tour for October. While we initially wanted to do My Way Italy, we are leaning towards Best of Venice, Florence and Rome 10 days. We would prefer to spend more days in each of those cities so it makes more sense to us. However, it leaves out Cinque Terre, which is on our wish list. I am thinking that we could fly into Venice and fly home from Rome. Therefore, maybe we could piggyback Cinque Terre at either end. What would be the easiest way for this to work if we decided to do it? It seems Rome is closer and maybe taking the train from there might work. We are thinking of just maybe two nights to wind down and do some hiking/exploring. We do a lot of "easy" hiking at home so we thought that it would be fun to explore the villages there. Suggestions would be welcome. Is it doable or should we just leave it for a future trip and combine that with something else. Unfortunately, it could be quite a few years to get back. Thank you.

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I would preferably arrive in Venice a day early (or more) to relax there and then connect to the Cinque Terre from Rome at the end of the trip, when you've had enough time there. Travel time is faster from Rome - the coastal rail line can take under 5 hours with one connection at La Spezia (versus over 6 hours from Venice). After the Cinque Terre, you could fly home from Pisa, Genoa, Milan, or Florence, with Milan probably offering the most flight options. See for train options, all currently published through June 10, but not all in for summer.

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Thank you! Didn't realize Milan was a possibility to return. They do offer more flight options!

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You might find places in the CT closed for the season in October. Especially later in the month. If you do the Best of V, F & R, you could fly into Milan or Pisa (even better) and go the CT to get over any jet lag. Then train to Venice. Fly home from Rome.