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Can Not Get Through…Invoice Doubled Amount

This is so frustrating because my travel partner can not pay her invoice because it shows amount for 2 people instead of just for her and not the both of us…

This was supposed to be split back in January by customer service through an email to Tours and Services Department. My invoice was correct and it’s is currently pending but hers shows for the both of us.

I left VM and did email. She can’t call because she has back to back clients until 8 pm.

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Is there a reason she can't just pay the correct amount and leave the rest showing as outstanding until RS has an opportunity to fix this?

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I agree with Carol. The RS people are reasonable. If she's not right up against the deadline to pay, I'd wait and try to talk with them. If it's due now, I'd pay what I owe and still keep on tying to get in touch.

We canceled one trip and booked a different one. For a while they were charging us for both on our Tour Account. They said there was something with the system. Then we kept getting emails for the canceled tour, not our planned one. After a few phone calls, it seems sorted now.

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Hi, this post is to note that we've seen this and I'm connecting with the right people here to address this. I expect 'Chris' will be contacted directly once they've resolved the issue.

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Thank you to all…Julia from tour office did get back to us and it is a tech glitch… I did tell my friend she could just pay with her card for the correct amt…. She said she’d wait a cpl days…..which is what Julia said.