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Calling all My Way Alpine alums, I have questions!

I’m creating this topic because I know I’ll have many questions between now and August when my tour starts, and probably during the tour too!

First question:
I’m flying into Paris a week before the tour starts. I don’t want to stay in Paris because of the Olympics crowds. I can book a flight from CDG to somewhere else the day I arrive or get a taxi to the train station. Where should I go? What would be a good place to start my pre-tour journey? I’d like a plan on how I’m going to get to the tour in Salzburg and what I’m going to do along the way. Suggestions?

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Have you been to Alsace? You could go to Strasbourg or Colmar via train for a few nights then take the train to Salzburg for the start of the tour. I didn't do a thorough search, just used googlemaps but it looks like a 6hr+ journey on trains between the 2 locations.

I went to Colmar for 3 nights a few years ago and really enjoyed myself. I had plans to go to Strasbourg for a day trip but liked Colmar so much I just stayed put and wandered around.

I'd also want to get to Salzburg a day or 2 ahead of the tour start.

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So many great places in between Paris and Salzburg. Yes, Strasbourg/Colmar. Some trains connect directly with CDG in the event you do not wish to actually spend time in Paris. Colmar and environs are close to Basel by train. Basel to Zurich is also quite quick. From Zurich, you can take the scenic Arlberg Railway over to Innsbruck. You could break your journey at any of these or other locations en route or you could continue with the Arlberg train from Innsbruck to Salzburg. I like Innsbruck, so I would probably spend some time there, but I don't think you can go wrong with any of the many places to stop. Instead of going directly from Innsbruck to Salzburg, you could go from Zurich to Munich or Innsbruck to Munich - in case you want some larger city exposure prior to the tour. So many possibilities - enjoy. PS, I have taken this tour and travelled from Innsbruck to Salzburg for that trip.

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I would book a flight to Vienna that day or the next.

Spend 3 nights in Vienna.

Then head to Munich for 3 nights.

Then head to Salzburg the day of or the day before your tour.

I would get out of France as soon as I could if you are there during the Olympics.

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My Way Alpine was our first tour and I always regretted not getting to Salzburg until the day the tour started. We are remedying this in September and going back for a couple more nights to see some of the things we missed the first time.

We started out in Prague before heading to Salzburg.

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We flew into Munich before the start of our Alpine Europe tour. Stayed 3 days here:
Spent time in old town/city center, ate our way through the market and went to Dachau one day. When it was time for the tour we took a train that was direct to Salzburg. I think it was 4 hours or so, was a very comfortable ride.

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We enjoyed staying in Strasbourg for several days but Colmar was not appealing. We moved on.

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It sounds like your flights are already booked. Where are you flying home from and do you plan to spend any time in Europe after the end of the tour?

I'm always leery of connecting flights right after a long-haul flight - there are so many ways you can be delayed: inbound flight can be late for any of several reasons, you can get hung up in a long line for passports or luggage, it can take a long time to check in for your next flight, get through security, and so on. In your case, it sounds like you'd be on a separate ticket which probably means, if you miss the flight you're out the money and booking a new flight can mean more delay and much more $$$.

You can take the train from CDG to Strasbourg (there's at least 1 direct train a day, and lots with 1 connection). You'll save money by booking as early as possible, but you either have to leave lots of time to allow for delays or take a chance on missing the train. Or book a full price ticket so you can exchange it if you're late. Or just spend a night somewhere and take a morning train. Maybe stay at an airport hotel and spend the day in Paris.

I like the idea of Strasbourg and Colmar for 3-4N. Then maybe train to Munich 1-2N, train to Salzburg at least 1N before the tour. There's plenty to see in Salzburg for a full day before the tour.

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Maybe stay at an airport hotel and spend the day in Paris.

Honestly I wouldn't bother with going in to Paris if your trip falls during the Olympics, as it may, given your August travel.

I like the idea of taking the train to Strasbourg.

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Hello Annie,

I am Krista taking the My Way Alpine tour August 5 -16 with my husband. Are we on the same tour?!

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When I did this tour in 2022 I spent several pre-tour days in Vienna. Vienna is beautiful with lots to do and an easy train ride to Salzburg.

I am taking this trip in July. I know there is not much air conditioning in Europe, but can anyone tell me if the busses or trains have air conditioning? I am a Texas girl, so I am used to heat but I tend to get nauseous if I don't have air conditioning in vehicles - so I want to make sure I am as prepared as I can be for that!

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Thank you so much for your responses! I’m thinking spending some time in Strasboug sounds wonderful. Then meandering by train through Switzerland to Salzburg.

Question #2
If you’ve done this tour or traveled in Switzerland, what should I be sure to do? Since it’s a My Way tour I need to come up with my own agenda.

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I need to come up with my own agenda.

Your tour leader will have lots of info to help you. When I took the tour, every day on the bus between stops she would first give a rundown of the possibilities for the next stop, then she went through the bus talking to each of us, making suggestions depending on each one's interests and abilities (e.g. easy hikes or where to rent bikes for a day). She also had "office hours" every morning and afternoon or evening where we could get more help and information.

The only things I planned in advance were my time in Salzburg before and during the tour and booking a ticket for the castles in Fussen. 2 women on my tour went paragliding in Chamonix. I had the feeling that they hadn't planned it in advance, but the tour was early in June and there weren't a lot of tourists yet.

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Before my tour, I pored over the scrapbooks from previous tour participants and even contacted one, who generously gave me lots of tips and answered many questions. The tour itinerary changed a year or two after that and eliminated Hallstatt and added a night in Lauterbrunnen, so don't go back too far!

There was SO much info in them - tips on where and what to eat, what to do with free time, photo ops, pitfalls, etc.

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I took this tour in September 2023 and had 3 pre tour days in Salzburg. Salzburg is a delightfully walkable city with so much to do, I didn’t even finish my list. Salzburg is not to be missed. I flew into Munich and went by train to Salzburg.

The above suggestions for Strasbourg and Colmar sound lovely.

We just returned from the My Way Alpine tour. It was amazing! I absolutely adored Salzburg! We arrived 1 day early but wish we had scheduled 2. The old city is beautiful, SO easy to walk around and, overall, the people are very friendly.

I have nothing bad to say about any of places we stayed but my absolute favorite was Wengen, Switzerland! Utterly breathtaking. You'll have the time of your lives! Prost!