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Bus Service from Catania to Palermo

Apologies if this has been posted before. We are going on the Sicily tour, ending Friday, April 5. We plan to take the bus back to Palermo, stay overnight, and fly out from there the next day. My questions are, how often does the bus run, and what is the price? I have read that the train takes longer but has better scenery. Any advice on which would be the better choice, and how to access the bus schedule would be welcome. Thanks.

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Have you already bought your ticket? Why not fly out of Catania?

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We took the RS Sicily tour in May and flew into Palermo to start the tour. When the tour was over in Catania we flew out of there back to Rome and then onto Paris. I would not recommend a bus ride all the way back to Palermo from Catania as their airport is just fine.

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AFAIK, the airport at Catania is actually bigger with more flights than the one at Palermo.

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The bus company is

Rome2rio shows that the train takes 3 hours and the bus a half hour less.

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Thanks for all the info and advice. We already have our tickets, so will consult with the guide when we get there about the best way to proceed.