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Bulgaria Tour

I'm considering the Bulgaria tour and am trying to plan how many days extra I should take before or after the tour. I would plan on getting to Sofia one day before the tour so that would give me 1.5 days to do some touring (Rick's tours always seem to start late in the day). I'm wondering if I need another day or two after the tour and if so, what did you do? After the tour I will be flying to Belgium and staying for 5 days so I'm trying to figure out total number of days. Thanks for any input.

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We've been in Bulgaria on three occasions now, and plan on many more trips. One of my favorite places. One trip was the major sites, one trip focused along the coast and one trip was a wild drive from Sofia to Istanbul with fishing poles. We hit every river, stream and brook along the way and had some pretty decent luck.

Sofia gets slammed a lot, but we really enjoy it; enough that the last two trips we stayed several nights before heading out. Its one of those places that you can visit for the sights or visit to live in for a while. Very livable city and a very accepting culture. But I find that in most of Central Europe. Given all the religious tension in the world its nice to see a grand old market with a Synagogue on one side and a Mosque on the other and a little further away on the third side is a catholic cathedral. Presumably they all met in the market to do business.

You might consider heading back to Plovdiv because no matter how much time RS spend there it will not be enough. Spend a night or two. In the immediate vicinity is my favorite Monastery, the Bachkovo Monastery, because of its special history to the Jews of Bulgaria. I love courage. The caverns know as the Devils Throat are nearby and pretty fascinating as is the road that leads to them. Assen's Fortress (or Asenova Fortress) is also in the area and pretty spectacular. All within a few hours of Sofia and the airport for your next trip. You might contact Pavlina Docheva: But don't squander your stay in Bulgaria.

I am jealous. You are going to one of my favorite places.

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Good tips above. We took the RS Tour and had a grand time. Sofia is a very nice city and easy to navigate, Plovdiv too. Maybe contact the related tour operator and seek advice?

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Thanks for the great suggestions. Great information for me to research and I can't wait to be immersed in this part of the world.