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Bulgaria: June Humidity & Heat Levels

Hi. I’ll be going on the RS Bulgaria tour this June. For those who’ve been on this tour in June in recent years: how humid and hot will it probably get? Will I need to bring shorts in addition to pants? High humidity is what really gets me. Higher dry heat is fine. I’m trying to figure out what to pack to cover various weather possibilities but also trying not to really overpack. It’s a tricky balance to strike with climate change. Thanks in advance!

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Looking at it appears June temps range from mid 60's to upper 80s for daily highs.

if I were going then, I would bring shorts

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We joined the Bulgaria tour in August of 2018 and it was very hot and humid. Loved the tour and Stefan was a great guide. He has a real passion for sharing his homeland with visitors. We knew a small amount of Bulgarian history but learned a tremendous amount about the history and culture of this fascinating country. Enjoy your adventure!

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Valerie, The weather is expected to vary from warm mild June temps in Sofia to cold overnight at the monastery and then hot as we move to the south and coast. May turn cold in the mountains again as we start back and stop to visit with the school children. No simple answer, that is the joy of travel, just go with the adventure and remember to bring and extra smile or two. See you in Sofia. James

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Thanks for the info everyone. Given the variety of terrains, locales and historic / cultural influences included in this tour’s itinerary, this should be a very interesting trip.

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Two tourist boats collided on the Danube in Budapest tonight. Several fatalities. River running high and fast due to rains.