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borghese gallery on the BOE 21 day tour

I am considering making reservations to visit the Borghese Gallery on our BOE 21 day tour. From the day to day itinerary it looks like we do not tour it as a group, correct? Can anyone give me an idea of what would be a good time to reserve for our afternoon free after the Vatican tours so that we have enough time to get there? Or do you think that may be planning too much in one day? Thanks for your help!

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The 21 day BOE does NOT go to the Borghese. I have not been there, and at the risk of sounding like a huge country bumpkin, I honestly am not sure I could do another major art museum after the Vatican Museum/Sistine Chapel/St Peter's. The sheer amount of art thru the miles of corridors is staggering to me.

Depending on how much the tickets cost, I might go ahead and book at the time David recommends since there is always a chance your daily sightseeing might vary slightly. On my tour last Sept, we wound up doing the Vatican Museum on our arrival afternoon and the Colosseum/Roman Forum/Pantheon the next morning. I could have done the Borghese after the Colosseum day. If the tickets are not too expensive you can always skip your reservation if your brain will not absorb any more fantastic art.

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I went on my own to the Borghese during a very active Girl Scout tour (as a Troop Leader). It was well worth the effort to go. It is a small gem especially is you like sculpture.

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If you are an art lover, do not miss this museum! Yes, it's a lot in one day BUT the Borghese is going to be a breath of fresh air after battling the hordes at the Vatican: excellent crowd control, a manageable collection to do in 2 hours, and a fascinating building. I would look at booking the time David recommended - or even later - so you have have a good break and a sit-down in between.

We much preferred this one to the other, and plan to do it again next we're in Rome.

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Thank you for all of your helpful replies! I think I will go ahead and book either the 3 or 5 pm tour and then try to have a flexible attitude about it once we're into our day! It would be fantastic if we did the Ancient Rome that morning instead of the Vatican, we'll have to see how it works out! Susan, I am a Girl Scout leader, too! How wonderful that your girls got to travel to Italy!