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Booking Question

I have searched for an answer to no avail and I know office is backed up ..waiting on response.
I booked my friend and I on the GAS tour on the same Tour Request.
My CC was given for both deposits.
Form asked if other party was to be billed separately and I answered Yes.
We live at different addresses but there was no place to enter her address and my address was pre-entered because I am an alum and she is not.
After being confirmed on tour we completed all necessary documents including her new profile but form will not let her change her address.
1st email to RS Desk requested it to be changed accordingly and received email it had been.
Logged into both profiles and hers still shows my address.
Sent another email.

Am I missing something???

I have only traveled with RS with either my husband or myself so this issue did not come up.

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This sounds like a booking form design "rule" (the underlying website code) which defaults to the originally entered info and doesn't allow an user override (there may be a perfectly reasonable reason for this). Have your friend email or call the RS office and ask the Webmaster or IT person to manually override the info to show the correct address. I'm sure there's a workaround to this, but the RS office will have to implement it directly.

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When I registered (We are alums but nothing was pre-entered) there was a box to check if the other traveler was at a different address. But really most of the future communication will be by email into your tour mailbox so its not like they will be sending a lot (if any) stuff to your home.

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Thank you both....I just wasn't sure if I was missing something....

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Does she need to register for her own tour account? We had to do this for my husband so he could complete his profile for the tour.

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I beg you- WAIT two weeks. Let them get caught up with the flood of Tour requests they are buried under then ask them to change things. If they charged your card for both deposits your good and on the tour.

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Mary....she already completed her own profile.....she just can’t put her own address took her phone and email address.

I am going to wait at this point.