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BOE June 5, 2016

Anyone else on this tour? For those who have already been, how are the blow dryers in the hotels? Do all of the hotels have them? I don't care if they are weak ( I have thin hair) but I don't want to pack one if I don't need to. It is a little scary to go without one. We did the best of Turkey tour this past fall and I never used the one I took.

We will be flying into Haarlem from LAX on June 1. We are not staying at the tour hotel but will be nearby.

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I took this tour in the Fall of 2014 and it was fabulous. I am still in touch with about a dozen tour members via FB.

Altho I have wash and wear hair, lol, there were hairdryers in every hotel room. Some were pretty weak as I sometimes used them to give my sink-washed clothes a drying boost.

Have a wonderful time!

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I went on the BOE 14 day tour in September 2014 and I do recall that the hotels do have blowdryers. But the RS tours don't always use the exact same hotels every year. They do change the hotels. I would look at the hotel list when you receive it and then look at the hotel websites and see what they offer. They will say if they have a blowdryer in the room. Also if you don't bring one, you could buy one in the city your in. I have taken 13 RS tours and bought mine on a Florence week long tour and take it every time I go to Europe now. Plus, I hate the hotel hairdryers because I find sometimes the wire is not long enough. I am 5'1" so it is hard for me. I bought my curling iron in Paris one time. Carry that with me too. So if you are in need you could buy it there.

But I would look at the hotel websites first, before making my decision. Hope this helps. It is a wonderful trip, have a great time!!!

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If there isn't a dryer in the room, they usually have them at the front desk.

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Thanks for the replies. I am trying to travel with next to nothing! I will probably leave it home.
I am sure we will enjoy the tour. Yes, it would be great fun to have Rick Steves as our guide

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We have been on 9 RS tours and as soon as I know which hotels we are staying in we look them up online. If it doesn't say
they have a hair dryer in the the room or available at the desk I e-mail the hotel and ask what the situation is. One time they asked if I wanted to reserve a hair dryer and pick it up at the desk and I said yes. As soon as I walked in and they gave me a key they also gave me the hair dryer. I have a very small travel hair dryer but I also like to pack light and prefer to not take it.