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BOE in 14 days in July

My husband and I have signed up for this tour and I have s few questions in regards to past experiences that others have had in the past. I has in Germany in June of 2013 and I ran into rainy 50 degree days and hot 90 degree days with very little AC all in 2 weeks. The only advise I have heard is Rome will be hot in July. I'm thinking Christmas gifts for my husband in regards to easy wash and wear clothing to purchase now. Also in Italy knees must be covered to visit churches which is easy for me to do with a long skirt but I'm not sure if it will be too hot for my husband in long pants. Not asking for a crystal ball forecast but what weather conditions should I expect? What clothing did you pack for both male and female for such extremes in temperature (thinking the alps will be cooler)? Any lessons learned? I do not what to over pack, I did that the last time but I was also in one hotel during my 2013 stay.

Any non packing insights would also be greatly appreciated.


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We took the Europe in 14 days Family tour.. but it ( at that time) followed same route as the BOE tours.

On our tour the men only ended up having one day they needed to wear long pants.. and most seemed to have those zip off bottoms.

It will be roasting hot in Italy in July. Take the lightest weight cotton or linen you can.. I love sundresses and skirts.. to me they are cooler then capris or shorts..

You will also likely need a lightweight wind/rain jacket to layer over a sweater or lightweight fleece for evening in higher areas and places like Amsterdam ( I have been there three times.. always july or august.. and encountered cool or wet weather each time.. with some decent days mixed in )

The one promise I make you .. is packing light is not just a silly motto RS spouts.. it 100% excellent advice. On the tours no one dressed up.. and no one wore different clothes every single day.. we are were all clean and presentable.. but definitely people were practical.

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While I love cotton, synthetic fabrics as to shirts and pants are my travel clothes of choice. Zip-off pants are ugly in my mind, not that I would be ever be counted as part of the fashion police. Walking shorts that double as swim trunks, a lightweight merino wool sweater, plus a windshirt (coated to shed rain) round out much of my kit.

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The hotels my BOE tour had AC in Venice, Tuscany and Rome. Hopefully yours will too. Here some ideas for your husband for Christmas:
-Button shirts that are cut to be worn untucked
-Lighter-weight colored denim or cotton twill pants
-Good quality rain jacket
-Lightweight fleece that you can zip up around your neck to cut the chill in Switzerland or on the plane
-Synthetic boxer briefs
-Synthetic socks
-Tech-fabric t-shirts (I have them from my favorite sports teams)
-Tech-fabric polo shirts

I'm 6ft and 200lbs and get sweaty easily. Synthetic materials are perfect for me because they dry so quickly and don't look pitted out.

On every Rick Steve's tour that I've been on there's been laundry service available. On BOE, I did laundry (had laundry done for me) in Lauterbrunnen and in Tuscany. It was full-service in Lauterbrunnen, one load for €13. I did my own laundry at a machine at the hotel in Tuscany.

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My husband wore what I consider to be typical American men's shorts in Italy. I guess they're cargo shorts. That's all he owns. He never had a problem in Churches, Catherals, & Domos in Italy (Florence, Venice, Milan, Pisa, the Vatican). They also didn't require my daughters (who are 8 & 10 and look like typical little kids) Even when I tried to slip them into their pull over skirts they told me it wasn't necessary. However, twice we were behind a big group of middle or high school girls and the ones wearing shorts were turned away.