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BOE 9/30-10/13. Anyone on this tour? Our first RS tour

Anyone on this tour? Looking to get to know some before the tour begins. Wife and I are doing our 1st RS tour. Arriving on Saturday morning really early. We are from Colorado.

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What a great pick for your first tour!

While I'm not on this tour I do have a suggestion. On your nights when you go in to Venice the bus will park at Tronchetto outside Venice and you will take the vaporetto in to your hotel. It is a PIA to drag your bag thru Venice as the bridges are actually steps so you can't roll them the whole way. I just packed enough for the 2 nights into my bus bag/day pack and left my suitcase in the luggage hold on the bus. It's easier if you think about this ahead of time so you're ready! Some people bring a small fold-up duffle bag or Don't tell Rick bag. The year I did the 21 Best of Europe I was using a tote bag as my bag for the bus rides - for my rain layer, guide book, kindle, snacks, water, etc. I just put a packing cube with my stuff for 2 nights in the tote bag and away I went.

DO look ahead in the guide book for activities for your free time. Of course your guide will have suggestions but it's better to be able to know what you might be interested in.

You will also probably find that 90% of your fellow tour members don't know about this forum! Yep, blank stares when you mention the forum!

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Great recommendation! Now to just get my wife to comply :) We are really looking forward to the trip!

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It's much easier if you think about it ahead of time and even have a mini-packing list for things that will fit in a packing cube for 2 nights. Another issue is that you are on the vaporetto with all the other tourists and locals and jammed in there so the less space you and your luggage take up the better you will be.

Here's a suggestion, lol...

1 pr underwear - I am a sink wash gal - Is she going to wash underwear every night? I would still take an extra pair to wear on Day 2 as sometimes in Venice it's humid and things don't dry like you want them to.

Bra - same one for 3 days

1 clean shirt - I usually wear a shirt for 2 or 3 days so I planned to put on a clean shirt on the day we transited to Venice, wore it that day and the day after. Then took 1 shirt with me to wear on the exit day from Venice.

Pants - put on clean crop pants the day we headed for Venice, wore them for 3 days which is what I usually do.

Stripped down toiletries - hotels usually have shampoo/conditioner/soap. So toothbrush, toothpaste, vital meds go in to Venice.

Just a suggestion so she will have somewhere to start when thinking about it!