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BOE 21 - Swiss Alps Hikes

Hello Fellow Travelers,
RS tour info lists three options the Swiss Alps. All seem great. Just don't know. For those that have done it make a case for your favorite.
1 .Panoramaweg walk from Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg
2. Valley Walk from Grütschalp to Gimmelwald:
3. Schilthorn morning excursion

Thank You

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Do you have to decide in advance? I probably wouldn't do Schilthorn if it was all clouded in that morning. There are cameras showing whats going on, on Schilthorn multiple places, including a tv station. I was there in January and didn't do the hikes

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Decide when you get there. The weather makes a difference. Schilthorn would be priority.

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There are tons of wonderful trails in that area and well marked. We did a popular hike from Wengen to Kleine Scheidegg, ate lunch and took the train back to Lauterbraunnen and totally enjoyed it. We also hiked a lesser popular trail that started in Murren and ended up in Gimmelwald and enjoyed that, too. Magnificent views around every other corner, cheese farms and a beer when you least expect it. What more could you ask for? Oh, yes, weather. Mother Nature is not always kind so you need to be adaptable but when she is it’s just plain wonderful!

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Loved Schilthorn. Recommend that above all else. I went there as part of the GAS tour in September / October 2019 and it was very cold, but really cool and fun.

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You can actually probably do the Schilthorn AM excursion and then still walk Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg in the afternoon.

On my tour, the tour guide offered to take anyone who wanted to go up the Schilthorn on the first gondola up. We did that and then the bus driver met us at the gondola (which was where the bus was parked overnight anyway) and drove us in to Lauterbrunnen. The guide coached us on what tickets to buy and got us started on the Mannlichen-Kleine Scheidegg hike. He went with us but hiked very fast while the rest of us spent time with our jaws dropped open. The bus met us after we took the cog train back down from Kleine Scheidegg and transported us back to our lodging which was at the end of the valley at Stechelberg. I'm not sure if that tour still stays at Stechelberg or if it is staying elsewhere.

Your guide will discuss your options and give the group advice based on weather. Some offer to take you up, others might not. It's a day on your own so if they offer, take them up on it, lol! Don't lock yourself into a decision on this now. Wait to see what is going on.

BTW, I'll also suggest that ANY thing extra your guide offers, grab it. Our guide also offered to organize an extra dinner and a wine tasting which was not covered. He told us how much, we paid him, he paid the restaurant/wine bar. It was a good deal.

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What time of year are you planning for the hikes? Make a very big difference. I have done all three and some more than once.