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BOE 21 - July Tempetures

Hello All,
Question on temperature. Because of schedule I will be taking my RS BOE 21 in July 22. I keep hearing about how hot it is. From what I am finding the average temp in Italy in July is 85. For those that have been there during that time does that seem about right? (I know - You can never predict the weather.) I am coming from a area where July's average temperature is 110 - 113 so 85 sounds doable.
Thank You

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It has been very hot every time I’ve been in Italy in July. Two years ago it was 104 a few days with most days in the 90s. And, it never rained. I was dying for a T Storm.

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Prepare for heat. I have always travelled July and August because of work and have not had a summer in Italy or Croatia that isn’t HOT. And it is not a dry heat. But, since you are coming from a warm climate, it will probably be fine for you. Last time we were in Venice in july 2018 it was around 95.

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I have not traveled in July but ran in to heat in early September on this tour. I am NOT as heat tolerant as you probably are! Take a sun hat OR even a sun hat from one of the vendor carts near St Mark's Square for an excellent souvenir!

Add sunscreen to your packing list. Yes, they have sunscreen there BUT I'm sensitive to product and need to have certain kinds. If this is you....add it to your packing list now, lol. You'll also need a plan to have your knees and shoulders covered for entering churches in Italy, particularly in Rome. If you are wearing a sleeveless top you'll want to carry a scarf or pareo type garment to settle on your shoulders. It's just easiest to make sure your pants or dresses cover your knees.

And yes....start yourself a packing list now as well as an itinerary so you can jot down the ideas you are gathering from the forum! I use googledocs and set up a table for my itinerary. Something else might work better for you.

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The problem isn't the days when you get average heat; it's the days that are a lot hotter than average. And some of those averages are based on time periods that cut off about ten years ago. I think we all know it has gotten hotter in recent years.

Is this your first trip to Europe? You'll find air conditioning isn't as powerful or omnipresent in Europe as it is in the hotter parts of the US. Some museums are not air conditioned. Many small cafes and shops are not air conditioned. If you see a place with its door propped open on a hot day, you can be sure it isn't air conditioned. On the other hand, your inter-city transportation will be on a nicely air conditioned bus, for which you will probably give thanks on many occasions.

I've experienced mid-summer in Europe five times since 2015. Although I've gotten smarter about my itinerary planning, I inevitably have some miserably hot days. I've found it helpful to have something wet around my neck; I use a Kool Tie, but the weight would bother some people, I'm sure. Others carry a small spray bottle so they can spritz water on their faces.

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In Venice in early July 2018, it was 85 degrees and 80% humidity. Coming from an area that has 30% humidity, it felt really hot. We drove from Venice to Munich. And it was over 100 through most of the drive until we got past Innsbruck.

Air conditioning makes a huge difference. If you go from a/c in the house to car to work, it’s one thing. But if you are walking for blocks (or miles), then standing in line in the sun, then sitting outside at a sidewalk cafe, then shopping in non-air conditioned stores, it’s much different.

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Italy will be hot. I, too, come from an area with hot summers (L.A.) but it's not the high temperatures---it's the unbearable (in my opinion) HUMIDITY. I had/still have difficulty with humid weather. I vowed NEVER to go to Italy again from late May through Mid-September.

I travel to Italy in late April early May or late September or early October.

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I think you'll be fine. We're from an area that has average July and August temps well into the 90s, and we've seldom been bothered by the summer heat in Italy.

However, do note, as has been posted above, that air-conditioning is not as common in Europe as it is here in the States, and when it is available it may not be as powerful as it is here. This doesn't bother me or my husband - we don't have a/c in our home - but I have heard other folks complain.