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BOE 21 days Alumni

Taking BOE 21 days in Sept/Oct. According to the itinerary on Day 2 we will be going to Amsterdam for several activities. After the guided tour of Rijksmuseum we will have free time. We would like to use our free time that day to take a tour of the Heineken Museum. Would any of you BOE alumni recall what time you were done with the Rijksmuseum tour and your free time started. Also any recommendations for going to the Amsterdam Ice Bar and a stroll through the Red Light District? I have been reading the scrapbooks and have seen a few recommendations for both places but would like more thoughts and information from BOE alumni.

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It’s been a couple years now, but if I recall it was not a long break in 2016.
On the RS tour we walked through the Red Light district as part of our walking tour. I think we ended soon after and could stay in Amsterdam or take the train back to Haarlem with our guide.
We took our kids to the Heineken tour once—fun but it was took at least 1-2 hours.

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I did not take the BOE 21 day tour, but just did the Belgium and Holland tour. The most accurate answer you will get is if you email the office to find out how long the Rijksmuseum tour will be, and what time it is scheduled for. They were able to answer that for me, as I was trying to independently book something for the free afternoon after. For us, the guided tour was about 2 hours; probably a little less. And then we were free to explore the museum for as long as we wanted independently.

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Took this tour in Sept/Oct of 2022. Andy Steves was our guide. After the museum we were taken on a boat ride through the canals of Amsterdam. After that we were free to wander the city by ourselves. We were done at the museum about 1:00 or so. The boat ride was about an hour. Your tour may vary but I would think you would have most of the afternoon to do whatever you wish. We did not tour the Heineken. We did the Anne Frank house on our own which I highly recommend. Book far in advance. We walked the Red Light district by ourselves and found a cool bar to have a Guiness. Did not try the Ice Bar however. The tour actually starts in Haarlem and you take a train to Amsterdam which is easy and only about 30 minutes. Easy to take the train back to Haarlem when you are done in the city. By the way, be in good shape for this tour. You walk a lot especially in Rome starting at the Vatican. Great tour I highly recommend. I would do it again if my wife would agree. Enjoy !

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We did this tour last August/September and we finished at the museum around 4:15 and were free at that time to return to Haarlem or check out more of Amsterdam before returning

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We did the BOE Tour starting April 28th...the Museum tour finished around 4PM & the Heineken Brewery is about a 15 Min walk away so i think its easily done.We loved the Brewery tour by the way but we did it Pre tour Kings eve. Make sutre you get the roof top add on.

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Thank you all for your informative and helpful replies. Last tour at the Heineken Museum for the day we will be in Amsterdam is 16:30. Think we will just wait and see how the day goes and if we have time/energy see if tickets are still available at the time. For some reason I was reading the itinerary as a shorter day with tour guide. Your replies helped me see that it will be a longer day with tour guide.