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This will be our first RS tour, and we are so looking forward to September. We have been to Rome once before, did all the touristy sites, and regretted not going to Pompeii. On day 13 of our tour, we thought about going on our own to Pompeii, but I am getting overwhelmed with all the different options. I would like to know if anyone has done Pompeii on their own, leaving from Rome, and what you would suggest. Looking forward to your replies.

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After my RS 7 Days tour in Rome, I took a train to Naples, spent 2 nights there. From Naples, I took the Circumvesuviana train to Pompeii and spen most of the day there. In Naples, I also toured the Archaeological Museum containing many original artifacts from Pompeii.
I looked at your itinerary for the 21 Day BOE tour and Rome is a very busy time, I’m not sure when you will have time to get to Pompeii and then catch up with the tour group. Perhaps you mean the 14 Day BOE which ends in Rome?

Oh, I see where your question was about day 13. Some tourmates went to Pompeii on a day trip leaving early in the morning and getting back to Rome, after approximately a 12-hour day. If you do this, you will miss the sights in Rome scheduled for that day.

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Make sure you let your guide know what your plans are for the day and also touch base with your buddies (assigned the first meeting) so they will know not to look for you.

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I don't know anything about this tour, but I have been to Pompei, and it seems to me that getting there from Rome is quite simple. Train from Rome to Naples, then take the circumvesuviano (sketchy-looking but perfectly usable - caution, lots of pickpockets) commuter train from Naples to Pompei. Reverse the sequence to get back.

It'll be a long day with a lot of waking (bring sun protection and drink plenty of fluids), but if you're on a RS tour you should be used to that by then.

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Hi Nivea! While I can’t give an actual review response yet, my wife and I will be doing the July 8-21 BOE. The tour ends on the 21st and we do not fly until the 22nd, so we have booked a day trip tour through Walks of Italy to go to Pompeii from Rome. The group is supposed to be only 13 people, works down the Amalfi Coast to Pompeii with a stop in Positano. Cost is about $436 for the two of us, substantially less than others I’ve seen. I’ll PM you a review to consider when we get back. Cheers!