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BOE 14 Questions about time after Group Activities

Good Evening! My mom and I are scheduled for the BOE 14 day tour beginning Sept 25. We are trying to sketch out days that we might have time to do activities that require a reservation after the group meets in the morning. For example, on the itinerary, it will say you have the afternoon and evening for yourself. Specifically, in Munich- 2nd day, after the group morning tour, would we have time to go to the Munich Residenz and a beer tent for dinner? And speaking of Munich Day 1, does anyone have experience with the group going to a tent for Oktoberfest or just a restaurant that serves pretzels and a pint? (either way is fine, but if this helps alleviate us from planning an Oktoberfest evening on our own, that would work great! )Thank you all for your help in answering my question(s) I tried looking in other trip reports, but I am afraid my question is a little narrow and specific. Cheers!

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Hi - I can't answer your question about specific days on the BOE tour, but my experience on two tours to other countries last year may be helpful. The guides defined afternoon a bit differently than we would in the US. "Afternoon" might start at 2 or 3 pm. And the guides' generosity with their time might mean they offer some interesting activity beyond the official schedule. They also offer tips about local events or destinations. You can choose not to join what the group is doing or any additional offerings, but I found that I was always happy when I did. Just my two cents - for what's that worth!

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I've been to Oktoberfest independently, and also done many RS tours. Maybe this will help.

You can't really arrange anything for 2 people at OF, I think only whole tables can be reserved. My guess is that your guide will take those interested to the fairgrounds during free time, or at least give you information to go on your own. In the afternoon there can be the possibility of finding space in the tents, or at least walking through.

Note that there is lots of food, and rides available on the fairgrounds, though beer is only available in the tents. I quite enjoyed the fairgrounds, and we left early evening when it got too crowded and rowdy.

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We were on the GAS tour, during Oktoberfest. The RS guide took the folks who wanted to go there, got us oriented, showed us how to get back, and left us there to wander on our own. We did not stay together as a group, and that would have been problematic anyway.

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I cant speak to what might change with Oktoberfest however my wife and I did the BOE 14 tour this past fall. In Munich Day 1 dinner was a group dinner at a local beer hall. Day 2 tour wrapped up before lunch and we were set free to explore the city. We ate lunch at a restaurant, explored the English Gardens, bought lederhosen, went back to the hotel to freshen up before going to the Hofbrau house for dinner. So there was quite a bit of time to explore. Of course your millage may vary depending on how fast /slow your group goes. This is sort of how it went for all the days, Lunch was on your own so most of our city tours wrapped up before lunch.

If I had a guess your tour would not include the official Oktoberfest venue and it would be an optional excursion. I would contact RSE and confirm.

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Thank you all for the kind and informative responses! All of these are wonderful ideas and I'll need to add it to all of the advise I am so grateful to have received from this forum group.