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BOE 14 Days- Paris day 2 lunch??

Hi y'all!
I'm just looking at the itinerary for the Best Of Europe 14 day tour and I'm curious as to when there is time for lunch during day 2 of the tour. Is there a break for lunch between the guided walk, Notre-Dame, Sainte Chapelle, Latin Quarter, and the Louvre? Seems like a full morning... The rest of tour looks like it's mostly guided in the morning and ends for free time around lunch, is this correct?
Thanks for the insight!

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Once you are at the Louvre you can have lunch, they have a cafe, a restaurant . and there is a good food court there too..

The louvre is worth several hours and you can come and go on same day on ticket, or if tour supplies you with a Museum pass.. so they likely expect you to fit lunch in when you feel like it.. Notre Dame and St Chapelle are not very far apart.. and I think youll find it will be fine.. neither of those sights requires hours.. 30-60 minutes for each is sufficent for most people..

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Just wanted to add that we didn't get to the Louvre until around 1pm and after receiving an orientation, we were set free to see the museum or have lunch first. Regrettably, we ate lunch first because I was starving and they shut down the entrance to the Louvre around 2pm because it was too full. We ended up giving up so that we weren't waiting in line for an hour. We went to L'Orangerie (which was very nice, but not the same lol). I would make sure to eat a large breakfast and maybe grab a roll for the road.

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Oh that is too bad that they no longer have a guided tour through the Louvre. When we were on the tour in 2016 the Guided tour was a highlight and it was the first thing we did on the tour before our first dinner. We had a quick lunch before the tour started and before we got to the Louvre. We really enjoyed having the museum pass and went to many museums in our short visit. Great tour. Enjoy!