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Best Time of Year to Take Best of Eastern Europe Tour


I don't like very hot weather and would like recommendations as to the best month to take the RS Best of Eastern Europe tour. I am concerning the late June/July trip might be very hot and with no air conditioning in the hotels, will prove too uncomfortable. I have heard September is quite a good month.

Recommendations, please? Thank you.

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We took a Sept Eastern European Tour. The weather was very comfortable, long pants, short sleeves shirts, remember one half day of rain in Budapest. All of the hotels had air conditioning. We like to travel to Europe in the fall.

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I did this tour several years ago on the late June/July timeframe and while there were several warm days, it was never uncomfortably hot and several days were very cool and rainy. Because I am a teacher, I have to travel during that time of year but if I had the choice, I would think a lot of going for the September dates.

It is a wonderful tour regardless of when you go.


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If you click on that RS tour you will find a listing of several items you can click thru to and one of them is weather. That might help you decide when to take the tour. Remember, replies from individuals depend on the individual's personal preferences. If you are planning on taking that tour this year, I see that 9 of the 14 dates are already full. If you are going this year you had better check on the availability of airplane flights. If you are looking to go in 2016, you will have the opportunity to sign up in December and get an
"early-bird-discount" if they offer it again next year.

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This tour is on my RS list. I have been tracking it for a couple years and have looked at scrapbooks going back several years.
My choice of month is September and hopefully next year.

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You can also check the previous years weather on If you put in the city it will come up with the current forecast. There is a tab to go to the forecast for the month. If you choose that you can pick the month that you like and then choose last years date in the year tab next to the month tab. This will give you a general idea of the weather in that city/town for a particular time of year and do it for each place you will be staying in. It appears only the smaller towns are not in their database.