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Best of Venice, Florence & Rome--Umbrian Winery


Well after much discussion, my honey and I will most likely be going on the Best of Venice, Florence & Rome in 10 Days Tour in April of 2023.

I have a question regarding the Itinerary. On Day 7 the tour states that "....this morning we'll drive into the rolling hills of Umbria, stopping for a wine tasting lunch at a family-run winery". For those of you who have taken this tour, do you know what the name of the winery the tour stops? I understand the winery may change by 2023--I was just wondering if anyone remembered where they stopped on their tour.

Thank you!

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On the tour I took in October 2018 we stopped at Poggio della Volara, near Orvieto. It was a very nice place with great food and wine. We were there a couple of hours I think. While the weather wasn't great, I could see how beautiful the countryside was. It's an agritourismo with rooms and apartments, which we didn't see.

I don't know that all the RS tours stop there and not elsewhere, but I don't see why they wouldn't. You'll have a wonderful time on this tour. Try to get to Venice a few days early and stay in Rome a few days after.

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It could also be Cecilia Bottai's winery outside Orieto. Tenuta le Velette, I think. The Village Italy tour we were on stopped there. Cecilia is a Rick Steves guide, as well as part-owner of the family winery. We had a great lunch and wine tasting there. I saw the RS tour schedule in their kitchen, and VFR was on it for some dates.

There are wine caves in the tufa under the house. Pretty cool. (In both senses of the term.) We've been on two tours with Cecilia, and were delighted that she remembered us.

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We also stopped at Cecilia's place on our VFR tour in 2017. Beautiful setting with an ample lunch and wine.