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Best of Turkey Tour--approximate daily start time?

Can anyone speak to the approximate daily start time of the days on the Turkey tour? We know the tour is very active and there are many things planned to see and do, and are wanting to make sure we have a somewhat realistic view of our days ;) . We are excited!

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Generally, over all the RS tours I have done, breakfast has been available from 7, and the group meets for bus or walking tour 8:30ish.

This can vary from day to day depending on the schedule and opening times of sights.

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Thank you so very much. This is good news, and much more reasonable start times than I expected ;) . Looking forward to perusing those links!

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If it only was April 1st instead of Feb 14th. I was very tempted just to put 6:30 am.......

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We took the Turkey tour in May of 2019. The departure for the optional hot air balloon trip was o’dark thirty but well worth it to watch the sunrise from the balloon. The rest of the daily departures were a more reasonable 8:00 to 9:00ish.

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Actually, Carol, my sister, mother and I took a Globus tour in 2006 in France. It was very well done and high-end, however, there were several days that we had to have our bags outside our rooms at 6 am and be in the lobby at 6:30. The days were long and at the end, I thought I would die!

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Usually about 8-8:30 except 5 or 5:30 if you go on the hot air ballon ride in Cappadocia. Not inexpensive but a heck of a wows ride!

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We plan on taking the hot air balloon ride for sure...even if it's o'dark thirty, lol! :)🤣

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I checked my photos of our daily itinerary for Best of Turkey in June, 2022:

Breakfast Available / Itinerary starts
Day 1: 1:00pm
Day 2: 7:30am / 8:45am
Day 3: 7:00am / 8:30am (estimates)
Day 4: 7:00am / 8:15am
Day 5: 8:00am / 10:00am (4:50am pickup for balloon ride)
Day 6: 8:00am / 9:00am
Day 7: 7:15am / 9:30am
Day 8: 6:30am / 9:00am
Day 9: 8:00am / 9:30am
Day 10: 6:15am / 7:30am (drive to Pamukkale)
Day 11: 6:00am / 8:00am
Day 12: 6:30am / 7:00am (early start to arrive early at Ephesus)
Day 13: tour ends after breakfast

Of course, every tour will vary. I'll update my "So You're Going on the Best of Turkey or Best of Istanbul Tour" to add this question.

Enjoy your tour!