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Best of Turkey Tour 2016

I am contemplating the Best of Turkey tour next spring. I did the Best of Istanbul tour this spring, loved everything about it, and really want to go back to Turkey and see more of the country. My only reluctance is that this tour includes many long bus trips and I tend to car car sick sometimes. Should I try it?

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I have not done this tour, but have done 10 others. The bus driver is required to stop about every two hours. Those stops are for toilet breaks and for lunch. Would that help your car sickness? Also, we have had other tour members request seats near the front of the bus, because of their motion sickness. The guides offer to rotate front row seats, but I have been on tours where very few wanted those seats. Would sitting near the front help you? There are medications, are there any non-drowsy ones that are effective?

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I spoke with another staffer who did the Best of Turkey tour recently and her memory of the roads is the same as mine: primarily long, flat highways. One mountain stop included some gently curving mountain roads, but not tight switchbacks.

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I also can get carsick on buses, and the roads don't have to be winding. On my 5 RS tours I was always able to sit somewhere in the first 4 or 5 rows without a problem and not an issue for others on the bus. (There were a few of us.) It did means that we always doubled up in the seats and never (or rarely) had a seat to ourselves, but it also freed up more seats behind and let the others spread out more.
The Best of Turkey tour is fabulous and I sometimes fantasize taking it again! I hope that you decide to go!