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Best of turkey 5/4/2020

Anyone else going on this one? I’m super excited. Looking for an approachable book on Turkish history. Any recommendations?

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I'm also on this tour! Very excited to visit somewhere I've never been, but that has been near the top of my wish list for several years. I also like to read books about the places I'm visiting before I visit them so I'll be following along to see if you get any suggestions.

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I’m not on this tour, but you could check out Great Courses and take the one on the Ottoman Empire. I took one before our Greece tour and watched 24 lectures on Ancient Greek history. They can be pricey, but have good sales.

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Thanks for that advice! I'm actually listening to it already (one credit on audible!) Good to know it's a good one. :)

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1453 by Roger Crowley. History that reads like a novel. It gave me a much better understanding of Istanbul (though I read it after my visits), as well as history. While it covers a very short period, it is one of the most critical/influential of the city and the empire. I love audio books, but I read this in paperback and constantly referred back to the maps.