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Best of Switzerland $ question

Understand tap and pay is the norm now. Just wondering for anyone that has done the tour this year, how much cash was needed? Wondering how much to get from ATM at airport. Is cash needed if less than 10 CHF, at markets, or for restrooms, etc? Thanks in advance. Leave in 2 weeks!, the countdown has begun!

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I try to use credit cards for everything and my credit union debit card charges minimal fees for foreign ATM use. So I always start out with a small amount and get more if needed. In a case like this I’d probably start with 80 CHF

I’ve read here in the forums that some train station lavatories even accept cards now

Enjoy the tour! It’s fantastic l

Edit. Some discussion in the Switzerland forum too.

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We did this tour a few years ago, and I fell in love with Switzerland. I've been back twice since. You are in for a treat !

We were last in Switzerland last fall, and the only things I used cash for were the Farmers' Market in Lucerne and the rest rooms, (which I also read were switching to credit cards.)

Safe travels!