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Best of Switzerland - Still great if you don't want mt hiking to be a main focus?

Looking at the Best of Switzerland tour. Has anyone taken this one and if so what did you think? We have been on 5 previous RS trips and are used to walking extensively during them but are not looking for a mountain hiking focused tour.

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I think the daily itinerary listed is a pretty accurate description.

It’s a good tour to get a taste of the areas covered. You get to visit some lakes and mountains and hopefully enjoy Switzerlandi’s natural splendor. The free day in Murren offers the most opportunity for mountain hiking. But if the forecast is for a nice morning I would do the optional gondola ride to the Schilthorn and have breakfast up at the top. Our guide also led a walk from Murren through town and down to Gimmelwald. There are also plenty of other trails in the area as well.

There is also a free day in Lugano. To me that was more of a day to enjoy the resort town but you could do mountain hikes nearby.

So I don’t think you need to be a mountain hiker to enjoy the tour.

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went on this tour 2 years ago. If you don't want to do mountain hiking then the free day in Murren you can stay on the valley floor, or ride lifts to visit towns and then return without hiking on trails. BTW when they say "hiking" this isn't a walk in the woods where you are hopping over logs and walking small trails on cliff edges; the paths are dozen feet or so wide. The tour also takes you on lifts to the top of Mount Titlis so hiking is available at an intermediate stop on the way back down but you don't have to do that if you don't want.

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Hi Carl, great tour even for a non-hiker. We did this one a few years ago and were amazed at the cultural differences, Swiss, German, French and Italian all rolled into one country. Loved it, beautiful scenery!

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The distances on the hikes are given in "Swiss Grandmother Time", which is the amount of time it would take a Swiss grandmother to cover the distance. While it is ... optimistic at best, the walks are not difficult and you can of course skip any one you don't feel up to. The trails are well worn and clearly marked. You are not going cross country. The will be no rappelling involved.

When I was on the trail a mother pushing a double stroller with twins passed us. The stroller was not one of the off road versions you can see around where I live, it was a simple old fashioned one with wobbly wheels and all. She was wearing high heels and smoking a cigarette.

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What the others have said. I find I often stroll along at a rate slower then the Swiss grandmothers. I love just soaking in the views. The hostel in Gimmelwald is a fine place for a snack and close examination of the mountains opposite - with adult beverages, should you choose. I especially like looking at people's gardens - which veggies grow where.

Please go and have fun without hiking.