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Best of Switzerland in 12 Days Tour

Do the hotels have in room bathrooms or do you have to share?
Do all the hotels have elevators?

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If an elevator is critical due to mobility issues, call the RS office for accurate info.

It not a given there will be elevators everywhere.

Not been on that tour, but never had to share a bathroom ( Italy/Greece)

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I’ve been on that tour. All rooms had en suite bathrooms and all hotels had elevators. LOVED this tour!

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We were on this tour a month ago and all rooms had their own bathrooms and the hotels had elevators.

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The advice about contacting the Rick Steves office is very good. Tour hotels can change from year to year.

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Bob, even if a hotel has an elevator, there is no guarantee it will be working. The six flights of stairs I walked up from breakfast today brought this point home to me! I would request a lower floor if there are mobility issues, “just in case,”

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I just got back from the RS Switzerland Tour and all the hotels had rooms with bathrooms and they all had elevators, this is a great tour and the scenery is just amazing. I hope you have a great time!

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Just so you know how to see if there is a possibility of a shared bath situation, here's how to check on the tour page.

Go to a tour description page. Here's one that I know has the possibility of shared baths, so that's why I'm using it.

Click Physical Demands. This particular tour says "Be content with the possibility of sharing bathroom facilities at one hotel during this tour."

The Best of Switzerland, under Physical Demands, does not list this which concurs with the experiences people have had on this tour.

BTW, the 21 day tour has some shared bath rooms when the group stays in Stechelberg, Switzerland. For RS tours staying in Lauterbrunnen or Muerren, these hotels all have rooms with en suite baths. At one time the only other tour with shared bath facilities was one of the tours in a Scandinavian country. Haven't looked thru in quite a while so not sure if that is still the same or not.