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Best of Switzerland hotels

We are considering the Best of Switzerland tour in 2017 and had a question about the hotels selected for the trip. Is there anyone who has taken this tour recently who can offer an opinion about the quality of the hotels, in terms of size, cleanliness, noise, etc.? Can anyone specifically recall and share the names of any of the hotels used so that I can take a look at their websites?

On a related note, did the hotels open for breakfast early enough in order for the tour participants to have ample time to enjoy their meal before starting the day's activities? (We took a RS tour a couple of years ago and the time allotted for breakfast at the hotel was the only negative in what was otherwise a fabulous trip.) Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Hi David, we took the Best of Switzerland tour in September. This was my 7th RS tour and I think the quality of the hotels has much improved over the years. The hotels for this tour were all nice and clean. Hotel rooms in Europe are generally smaller than what we're used to in the US, but all of the rooms were acceptable in terms of space. We had no problem with noise levels.

The hotels change from tour to tour (based on availability) so you won't know the specifics until about 30 days in advance. As soon as we got the list I checked out their websites and Trip Advisor. The RS office may be able to provide additional info. Note that some hotels may not have air conditioning so schedule your trip accordingly. This was not an issue for us in September.

The meals on the tour were good. Breakfast was available at 7 a.m. and we usually met the guide at 8:30 or 8:45. That was plenty of time for us.

We really enjoyed this tour and I hope you will too!

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We very much enjoyed Hotel Adler in Appenzel and Hotel Butterfly in Zermatt. We were not on a tour and did all planning "on line" . Breakfast started at 6 AM. Have fun!