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Best of Switzerland 12 day vs My Way Alpine 12 day

We are confirmed on Switzerland 12 day. Sept 22. On wait list for Sept Alpine My Way. Did Heart of Italy with 3 nights in Venice on our own 2029 and loved it. Have traveled to Paris/Normandy with RS book. So-comfortable making arrangements, but also love the joy of letting the RS team do it all. Looking over the Alps my way, it looks like an exciting itinerary with tons of views and scenery. (As is the Best of Switzerland.) understand the difference between the guided and unguided tours. Our decision boils down to itinerary/locations.

If wait list for September My Way opens up, I will need to act fast. Trying to decide between the two.

Any advice from those that have done either tour, or (hopefully) both?

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We did Switzerland 12 days and loved it. Many of our seasoned fellow travelers agreed that it was the best RS Tour they had ever taken. IMHO, once you're in Switzerland, you will want more. In the Alpine Tour, you're going to King Ludwig's castle, which I feel is too touristy and crowded, and in Switzerland, and you're sleeping in the Valley, not up in the mountains in Murren or Wengen. Different strokes for different folks, but my vote is for spending as much time in Switzerland as possible. Also, the more time in Switzerland, the more chances to efficiently use one of the Swiss Travel Passes. Those lifts are expensive.
Safe travels!

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I have done both tours. My Way Alpine Europe in 2014; Best of Switzerland in 2017.

Both are great tours. The BOS tour itinerary has changed a bit since I went. MWAE appears to be the same.

The only problem I had with BOS itinerary was the long day leaving Lugano and arriving late into Murren, giving only one usable day in the Berner Oberland. Now the itinerary goes to Murren after Lausanne so that issue may no longer be as much of a problem. However, it still looks like a very long day going from Lugano to Lausanne, with a several hour stop in Zermatt. I'm sure RS has reasons not to do an overnight in Zermatt, but it seems that would be a big tour improvement. The entire trip is scenic and you really can't go wrong with the tour.

My Way Alpine Europe includes three of my favorite stops: the Dolomites, Lauterbrunnen and Chamonix. Salzburg is just okay in my book and Fussen (Neuschwanstein) is okay if you've never been there. The latter tends to be VERY crowded and advance reservations are essential. This tour has three nights in Lauterbrunnen (Berner Oberland) which is a big plus in my book. Better chance of going up the Schilthorn or Jungfrau in good weather.

I guess overall I would give a nod to MWAE because of the three stops I mentioned and the three nights spent in Lauterbrunnen.

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I have done both tours, first My Way and then Switzerland, because My Way was introduced first. I enjoyed them both. I am glad I experienced what I did on the Switzerland tour as it has helped inform what I want to visit again. Switzerland is a well-rounded intro to the various areas of the country. And, sleeping in Mürren is pretty fantastic.

However, My Way is for me a tour I would consider repeating. I don't have to return to Lausanne and probably not to Lugano, and not to Zermatt. They were great, but, for me, the Dolomites, Bavaria, and Salzburg are all places I have visited more than once and plan to visit again. While both of these tours have equipped me to undertake the alpine area on my own, I like the support structure and yet the personal freedom of My Way.

Note, if you do visit the Alps around this time of year, give a look out for cow parades (Almabtrieb, Alpabzug, Alpabfahrt). I was able to join in one outside of Innsbruck one September. Google this topic if interested.

Not sure I have been helpful... Oh, and my time in Füssen was fun, relaxing, and vacation-like. One of those times and places I took a vacation from my vacation, as RS sometime says. I joined tour mates in a visit to Hohenschwangau and lunched on boar-burgers at the local lake. I dined at a fantastic Greek restaurant in an old fortress and listened to a concert in the townhall's courtyard. Füssen was the point of the My Way tour when I actually ditched my to-do list and kicked back. I needed that.

Good Luck in your decision. I may put myself on a waitlist for My Way, but I am taking travel decisions easy just now. Oh, and did I mention the cost difference? Nothing to sneeze at.

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You have a great dilemma. You have to choose between a great tour and a great tour.

I have done the Best of Switzerland Tour and absolutely loved it. There are moments built into a RS tour that would not be easy to replicate on your own. For example, in Lugano there was the chartered boat across the lake to the restaurant where the group had a risotto making lesson/competition. We sat on the lakeshore enjoying our meal and each other's company. The visit to the cheese alp was also that type of experience.

I've not done a "My Way Tour", but I've only ever heard positives from those who have posted that have done the Alpine my way tour.

I know you will have a wonderful time, whatever your choice. My Way and Guided Tours are different. Each is it own unique format and experience.

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Eric and Debbie those were both wonderful accounts and will really help those deciding between the two. They help me too.

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such great information from everybody

risotto competition? Just be sure you keep stirring....