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"Best of Spain" - 25th Sept 2017

A few "firsts" and hopefully not lasts!

First "escorted" tour...Always done our own thing, so time to let someone else do the navigating & hotel bookings etc.

First Rick Steves' tour...Compared about 5 different options and Rick came out tops!

First time to Spain, other than Barcelona & Madrid...and glad to be revisiting those 2 cites again as well!

And hope to meet some great travel companions along the way! Anyone booked????

Lynn :)

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Hi Lynn,
Congratulations on your "firsts" and I know once you take your Rick Steves' tour it won't be your last. We have taken 9 of Rick's tours and loved them! We took the Best of Spain Tour in 2014. Our scrapbook is linked to Rick's website if you are interested in looking at it (Theresa and William Barr). Have a great time!

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Hi Terri and Bill,

Have thoroughly enjoyed "walking" thru your Spain adventure and makes me very excited for our upcoming trip. Thanks for the link.
If you have a "visitor counter" don't be alarmed to see it spike as I'll probably be going back & forth to revisit it time and again before we leave.

Can only hope we have as much fun as you appear to have enjoyed!


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Good morning Lynn,
So glad you enjoyed the scrapbook. I always look at the scrapbooks of others when we have an upcoming tour and know that they have helped and excited me, so glad that ours did the same for you. I look forward to hearing about your adventure when you return.
Happy Holidays, Teri

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Hi Lynn,

I took the "Best of Spain" tour this past summer and had a fantastic time. Our guide, Helen, was wonderful, and I loved everything about the trip.

Given how far you're flying, I'm sure you've already planned on arriving a few days early to deal with jet lag, and I definitely recommend using that extra time to enjoy more of Catalonia. I spent two days before my tour in Girona (which is an hour-long train ride from Barcelona) and loved it.

Have a great time!

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Yes, Caroline,

We plan on arriving 4 days prior to the tour to see some more of Barcelona that we missed last time we were there, like a trip up to Montserrat and down to Figueres.
It is a loooong way, but anywhere is a loooong way from Australia! :)

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I took the "Best of Spain" tour in 2014. Looking at your tour start date, I would encourage you to research the "Festa de Merce" dates. It's Barcelona's holiday that occurs each September and it is really quite SPECTACULAR! I was fortunate enough that my tour dates began just after the beginning of the festival so, I cancelled my plans to travel to San Sebastian pre-tour and stay in the tour hotel for a few days prior to the tour and was oh-so happy I did. Quite an amazing experience, with "fire runners", dancing in the squares, fireworks, parades and too many events to describe. There is so much to experience in Barcelona. I'm so glad I chose to go a few days early and enjoy the "Festa".