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Best of South Italy tour... Ideas after

My daughter and I are thinking about the South Italy tour for fall 2019. We went on the Italy My Way tour in September 2018 ... loved it... and added days before tour started in Venice and extra days in Rome after the tour ended. The south Italy tour ends in Naples. I’m interested in ideas for extra days after the tour. Stay in Naples? Go back to Rome? Fly somewhere else before heading home? I understand this is a strenuous tour so maybe someplace to relax would be good. Grazie!

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If it were me, I'd go back to the Amalfi coast area. I would think it is a perfect place to relax and recall your wonderful tour adventures.

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How many 'extra days' and do you have a fixed departure point?

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The tour ends in Naples and we are interested in hearing what other folks who took this tour did if they stayed longer. We do not have a fixed departure city and probably are interested in staying 2-5 days longer.

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My sister-in-law and I are taking the same tour in May 6-18. When the tour ends on Saturday, we are renting a car at the Naples Airport and driving to Calabria to her grandparents' ancestral village for an overnight look-about. After driving back to Naples on Sunday, Monday morning we are taking the train to Venice for a a few days before flying home. My original booking before my SIL decided to join me was to go to Venice after the tour for 5 days but I cut back the Venice time so she could see Mongrassano.

I don't know what your pre-tour plans are but we are spending 4 days in Rome before meeting the tour group.
We are flying into Rome and out of Venice. Enjoy your tour. We are very excited about ours.

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We did this tour last May and really enjoyed it. I do not think it was a particularly strenuous tour since I don't remember aching feet like on some of our other RS tours. The morning the tour ended we took the metro to the Naples train station and then the hi-speed train back to Rome and flew home from FCO. While we liked Naples and were very appreciative of our guide teaching us how to cross the streets, I don't think either of us felt like we needed more time there. If It were me I would either spend the extra time in Rome or do what we did before the tour started which was to spend 2 nights in a B&B in Orvieto which is an easy hour-ish train ride from Rome (on the train line that continues to Florence). One couple on our tour was off to Ischia, an island off of Naples, for a few days after the tour and we heard later that they loved it. has lots of suggestions for greater Rome and I believe she has posts on Orvieto and Ischia.

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As previously suggested, my wife and I have booked 3 days on Ischia after our South Italy tour ends in late September. We haven't been there before but think it should be a fine place to kick back before heading home.

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We joined the South Italy tour a few years ago and loved it! After the tour ended in Naples, we trained to Florence and met a couple of friends who were flying in and spent a week in Florence and Tuscany. We rented a car at Florence airport and drop around Tuscany for a few days. Once we returned to Florence, we turned in the car and enjoyed a few days in Florence. We did not find the South italy tour to be a strenuous tour but as with all RS tours, it was active. Depending on the time of year, the weather may be hot. When we joined the Villages of Italy tour in the fall, the temps and humidity were much like our Alabama weather. Many fellow travelers found it to be very uncomfortable. I recommend following the weather about two weeks ahead of your trip to have some guidance on packing. Enjoy!!

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My wife and I took the southern Italy tour 5 years ago, and then flew to Sardinia after the tour. We spent 3 days in Cagliari and really enjoyed our time there. We hired a local guide for 2 days to take us around the southern part of the island. It reminded me of Sicily in that Sardinia was part of Italy, yet unique in its history and culture.

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We stayed the few extra days after in Naples and found plenty to do. I am one of those who really enjoys this city and I wanted to see all I could while I had that opportunity. This tour is wonderful and I didn't find it very strenuous at all. It's mostly flat walking, as I recall, and not many museums (less "standing around"). I'm also remembering spending a lot of time out of doors with this tour, more than on some of the others I have taken. What a special time you will be sharing with your daughter!

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I'd suggest spending some time in a place that you really want to see, but haven't been before. After my South Italy tour I headed north and travelled in Northern Italy, Austria and Germany.