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Best of Sicily - off season to on season dates

Hello everyone,

I have been waiting for the tour dates to be posted as I was thinking about the possibility of doing the Sicily tour after my transatlantic cruise next spring. There's a month's gap between the end of the off season tours and the start of the "on" season tours. Does anyone recall if that is how they were normally scheduled? Of course the date I require falls right in the gap.

At least that's one option off the table as I'm having a heck of a time settling on a definitive plan.


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There was one Sicily departure at the start of May, 2015, in the gap you mention. Probably all of our tour itineraries have an extra date "waiting in the wings," but those will only be opened for sale when and if the current schedule starts to fill up. Some departure dates will fill quickly, given the rush of interest that always occurs at this season.

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Thanks Laura. As my ideal start date would be Tuesday May 2nd, I'm doubtful. And if it were to appear I'm sure it would be long after I've made alternate plans.

We shall see.

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Don't give up hope Andrea, in 2014 I went on the RS Sicily Tour which began on May 4. Wonderful tour of a wonderful island!!! I started with two days on my own based in Erice, one of my favorite spots in Sicily or all of Italy. Much better to stay in than just as a day trip. And, my very first meal of my trip, in Erice, was one of the most memorable meals of my trip and my life. The couscous di pesce, simply delicious, followed by grilled lamb chops and cassata siciliana.