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Best of Scotland Tour May 27-June 5 2019

Thought I'd reach out to see who else might be booked for this tour. So looking forward to our first RS tour. Thanks.


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We did this tour in July and loved every minute! We arrived 2 days early and explored Edinburgh, we went to a musical show called "Spirit of Scotland" that was enjoyable, we also toured the Botanical Gardens, that are excellent, and then had afternoon tea at the cafe in the gardens. At the end of the tour we took the train down to York for 3 days and enjoyed it greatly, much to see and the restaurants are nice. The Scotland highlands are beautiful and serene, the cruise on Loch Ness is wonderful. Hope you have as good a time as we did. I have found that the more you read about the country and it's culture before you go, the better the trip is!

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Hello Donald-

Thank you for sharing your experience. We plan to arrive the day before the tour starts to start getting acclimated and then will spend 2 more days in Edinburgh at the end of the tour as we know that there is a lot to see there. Can't wait for this trip!

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Also looking for possible pre-trip connections with the group but I’m booked for the season opener in early April. Expecting weather! Arriving two days early, staying two days after.