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Best of Scotland in 10 Days Tour-Laundry

Hey all! For those who have been on the best of Scotland in 10 days tour, how often did you all have access to laundry services? I know we will in Edinburgh, but my wife has been wanting to know if we will have an opportunity to wash clothes again by the time we’re in Inverness or Oban. Thanks!

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I haven't been on this tour, but an easy way to check for laundry service is to:
a) google map the town you'll be in and see if laundry pops up.
b) email/call the hotel you'll be staying at to see if they have laundry service.
c) check the itinerary for a free afternoon and plan to do laundry then.
It makes sense that people in other countries have laundry to do as well, so laundromats exist in other places, lol.
Happy travels!

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When I took this trip in 2014 we had so much packed into every day there really wasn't much free time. I did not do laundry (had enough clothes) and don't recall anyone else doing any either (other than what they washed in the hotel room sink).

I would suggest Inverness as a good place to get laundry done. It is one of the larger towns the tour stops in. A quick look at Maps shows many laundry services around town. Unfortunately I cannot suggest any one specifically.

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We took this tour in September 2015. In Inverness there was a laundry a few blocks from the hotel where several of us dropped off our clothes the first afternoon and picked them up washed, dried and folded the next day. I don’t recall the cost but remember thinking it was reasonable.

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Matter of fact I am on the best of Scotland now. We are at Inverness now and James our guide had bags for some folks to do laundry here and drop off at the laundry. I have been doing sink laundry on this trip. It is easier for me.

Its a great trip. Hope you have James Macletchie. He is a fantastic guide.