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Best of Scotland April 24-May 3

Anyone else out there signed up for this date? My wife and I are looking forward to our fourth RS tour and also meeting our tour companions.
Also, if you have taken the tour about that time in the past, any advice you could give as far as clothing, etc., would be appreciated. We're guessing the climate is similar to where we live (on the coast north of Seattle), so we think we're well-stocked for attire, but it's always good to seek advice.

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We were on this tour exact time this past april 2018. Weather was perfect 45-60. Not much rain. Loved the tour!. I wore jeans and l/s tops. Windbreaker or zipper sweat shirt. Scarf and fingerless gloves

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I did this tour last June and had a couple of rainy days. Being from the Inland NW we were prepared with waterproof jackets but some of our travel companions were trying to cope with the wind and rain with umbrellas and ponchos. Both were big fails!

Definitely take a glove liner type glove. I had some new ones by RAB that I hated as they seemed to absorb the wet (not a characteristic you'd want for gloves) altho they were mostly merino wool. This fall I replaced my old Smartwool liners which were too ratty to take on vacation, getting the same Smartwool as before. That would have been a better choice.

In case you are interested, here's a link to my Trip Report.

Since you've done RS tours before I'm sure you'll be arriving before the tour start. There is a lot to see in Edinburgh that is not covered on the tour!

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We’re on the following tour, 4/29-5/8. We’re also very interested in any weather information/suggestions, though I suspect the most common response might be “who knows?”.

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I’m going on the BOS tour just before yours.

Expecting and packing for all kinds of weather including the range from sunshine to horizontal rain.