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Best of Paris, Cluny Museum question

Hello everybody,

A question for the alums of the 7-day, Best of Paris tour. I am signed up for the Dec 16-22 tour. On the first, full day, the daytime walking tour (with a break for lunch) concludes at the Cluny Museum, before breaking up for dinner on one's own. Is the Cluny tour guided, or do we go through with the audioguide? And if it is guided, it is done by a specialist or local guide?

I ask because I have been to the Cluny before, but it was it mobbed (it was July) and the audio guides weren't working. I ended up relying on the RS self-guided tour, which I enjoyed, but as a cultural historian I would like something with more depth and context on a return visit. This is doubly true now that I've found out old friends will be in Paris that week, but that particular afternoon and very early evening is our only real overlap. Still, medieval history was my first love and I don't want to miss the opportunity for an excellent guided tour. Thoughts?


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Just got back from this tour over Thanksgiving week. It was terrific!

The Cluny comes at the end of probably the longest organized tour day.. I think we got there at about 3:30. Our RS guide gave us some background and guidance outside the museum, but we had no guide inside. About half the group had had enough for the day and did not go inside, returning to the hotel. The rest of us went in and basically gave ourselves a tour. I went inside and was very glad I did. The archaeological ruins were especially impressive! And I had to take lots of unicorn pictures for my granddaughter LOL. I was not aware of an audio tour, but I am guessing they have fixed it. There were others in the museum, but hardly mobbed, an advantage of going off-season.

Of course, you will most likely have a different RS guide and he/she might handle this differently.

You will be given a six-day museum pass that includes the Cluny. So you could skip the Cluny on that day and meet your friends, then visit the Cluny during some of your free time on another day. I stayed an extra day after the RS tour and the pass was still good - a bit of a bonus!

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Thanks Renee! That's just the kind of info I was looking for!


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I love the Cluny Museum and visited on a day before my Paris and HOF Tour. It was a delight, I also attended a lovely concert there in the evening after I saw a flyer advertising it.