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Best of Paris 7 day

My husband Rick and I have signed up for May 17-23. Anyone else in group?

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This is a fun tour! You may find when you meet up with your travel mates that few of them know about the RS forum.

Is this your first tour? It is a wonderful way to learn Paris. The unfortunate side effect is that you may not be able to stay away and will make repeated trips to Paris, lol!

I hope you will be able to arrive a night or two before the tour starts. It's a full tour and you'll have more fun if you've recovered a bit from jet lag!

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This was our first of six RS tours. We added time before and after the tour, and since then have decided that Paris is our favorite big city.

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My name is Cindy & I will be taking the Dec 15th 7 day tour. I am very excited!
Can anyone advise what I best way to get to Hotel Londres Eiffel from Charles De Gaulle airport?
I will be arriving in the early am hours of Dec. 14th

Thank You

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Welcome to the forum. This was the first RS tour I did (solo) in 2007. I’ve done 9 tours since then, including a repeat of Paris in 7 Days in 2018. This is a great tour and gives you a very good overview of the city. Plan to arrive at least 1 day early to get acclimated and deal with jet lag.

The Londres Eiffel is a very nice hotel, small rooms, elevator, great breakfast, and great staff. It’s close to the Eiffel Tower, Rue Cler, and Napoleon’s Tomb. We walked everywhere.

Easiest way from the airport is to take a taxi from the official taxi stand. It’s a flat rate, I think it’s $50-55 euro.

Hope you have a great trip!

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I agree with Donna. Taxi is the easiest to Londres Eiffel. The flat rate to that Left Bank location is 55€. Have the full address written out so you can hand it to the driver. I also write 55€ out beside the address so he knows I know it’s a flat rate. Ignore anyone who comes up to you in the terminal and asks if you want a taxi. Follow the signs to the exit door marked taxis and get in the official line.

Some may recommend a train but this location requires 2 changes to get to the nearest metro stop and it’s not easy with luggage and jet lag!! Do yourself a favor and enjoy the ride!!

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Cindy, check out Le Bus Direct. One of the two lines goes from CDG to the Eiffel Tower, which is a short walk (a couple of blocks) from the hotel. We took this route this year - easy and cheap. But only if you pack light!

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Donna and Steve from Queen Creek will be on the same tour! Look forward to meeting you! Thanks for the tip about taxi to hotel.

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I would do as Pam suggests - a dress on paper with 55 euros written on it - hand to driver at official taxi stand ( simply ignore ANY taxi driver who approaches you as you leave airport ) - immediately confirm price with driver ( it IS a legally set price he may not charge you more period )

It’s the easiest way after a long flight - door to door - no worries .