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Best of London in 7 Days only 2 tours a year?


I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I was told about Rick Steves by a friend and am looking to take my teen to London, thinking next year.

Found the list of London tours and there are only 2 dates, and they are both before school is out. I Looked at many of the other tours, like Ireland and Scotland, and they have tours throughout the spring into the fall.

Is this just a temporary thing or are there only 2 tours like this to London every year?

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anna these are the "early" tours. The full schedule for 2018 won't come out until August or so.

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Look at the 2017 tab and you'll see the dates for this year. That will give you an idea of options for 2018, but the dates will vary then of course. We are looking forward to our Best of London this summer after Best of Portugal. Get the free guide from Rick Steve's and review it with your teen. Or do it on line. Many choices and you may find one you had not thought of that really strikes a note with your child. Have fun!