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Best of Ireland tour- any self-serve laundries available?

With thanks to the question about the Best of Scotland tour and laundries- I am curious if there are any places to do your own laundry on the Best of Ireland tour.

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Your best chance for laundry is on your free day in Dingle. It's been a few years since I did this tour (and actually I do sink wash all the time) but this is where everyone either did wash or had wash done. Your guide will know the laundry locations and will point them out to you on your orientation walk thru Dingle town.

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Thank you, Pam. That looks like a good point in the tour to do a little laundry.

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We just got done with two tours in England. Before the trip I located the laundromats (launderettes in England) by just Googling the name of the town plus the word laundromat. Worked line a charm. Yes, out guides did provide the information but it was nice to be prepared ahead of time.

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We use google on our trips to find a laundry along the way, Usually we schedule in a town where we are staying for at least two nights. We look for laundries that have a wash and fold service. So far no issues with any laundry we have used.

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I just did the 14 day Ireland tour in June and we had 2 opportunities. First was Dingle where our B & B inn did it for you and the 2nd was in Portrush where the hotel sent it out. I had searched for self service laundries before the trip and didn't find any. Our tour guide gave us this information at our 1st night meeting. I am particular about my laundry and was a little concerned about using a service. I just asked for cold water wash and delicate or warm dry and the clothes came out perfectly. And, what a joy to be able to concentrate on new adventures, not washing my clothes. I know your itinerary is different for the 'Best of' tour, but hopefully will reassure you if you end up having to use a service. As I said in my Scotland post, I also washed underwear and leggings in the sink. I even ended up with one outfit too many!

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When I took the tour, there was a laundry in Dingle walking distance from our B&B that the guide suggested we use. Wash, dry, and fold (no ironing or other special care). Drop off in the morning, pick up before dinner. And they negotiated a special price which was less than paying to use the machines to wash and dry on your own. They did a decent job.