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Best of Ireland 9/8/19 Anyone else on this tour?

I just saw the post on my account that the roster and hotel lists were available. I can't express how excited I was. Our tour guide is: Joe Darcy. I don't remember seeing that name on any of the scrapbooks, so I guess I'll just be surprised! I hate it that last names aren't listed any more. I love to try and find some of my tour mates ahead of time on Facebook. It is fun to find out a little about them. So if anyone else is on this trip, let me know. We'll arrive in Dublin on 9/6.

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Well darn it that no one has answered! I thought I'd give it a boot to the top to give your tour mates another chance! TBH I've rarely found anyone on my tours that are aware of the forum but you never know!

Hope you have a wonderful time!

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Hi Janet. Sorry, not on your tour, but will be on the Aug. 25 tour just finishing up when you start, flying back home from Dublin on Sept. 8. Your recent posts in the forum have been very helpful in planning, e.g. buying an Aran Island sweater. I have added in a Ziploc compressing travel bag into my carry-on size luggage in case I buy one. Packing is just about done. And over the summer I have been cramming Irish-related movies, such as The Quiet Man, since the tour will be visiting Cong, as well as Michael Collins, In the Name of the Father, Waking Ned Devine, The Secret of Roan Inish, The Commitments, etc. Still working on planning free time, particularly the whole day in Dingle. Unfortunately, we will be there 1 day too early to get a boat tour that combines stopping on Great Blasket Island with an eco tour to see all the amazing wildlife. They offer that in September, and our free day in Dingle is Aug. 31 - it's too bad I didn't pick a slightly later tour date like yours. I will probably opt for the eco tour, as I must see me some puffins! Getting very excited about the trip!

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Pam, thanks for trying to help move my topic up to the top.
Alleyo, thanks for your encouragement. I'm sorry we aren't on the same tour. It sounds like you will be well prepared by watching all those movies. I have been reading, watching movies and doing additional research online. Every morning I start the day with the number of days until we leave. The days do go by quickly enough! Have a great tour Alleyo!

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Hi Janet. I was travelling solo on the best of Paris last fall. I'm not on FB, so I just googled the communities of each of the people on the list and wrote down a few notes. It gave me a better chance of remembering the person's name and I had an opportunity to ask my tour mates questions about the interesting things I learned about their communities. Unfortunately on our "meet and greet" on the first day, I was trying to be funny and told the group I had a "dossier" on each of them. Stunned silence for a few seconds. Lesson learned. I obviously was forgiven for my "faux pas" and had a great time with them al. I will be taking the best of England next fall and will do the same thing. I'll just keep the "dossier" part out of the conversation!