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Best of Germany Austria Switzerland 14 days

Thinking of the September 2022 tour.

Thoughts? Whats the late summer weather like.

We’re both 75, but in pretty good shape

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You will love Best of Germany Austria Switzerland also known as GAS tour. This was our first RS tour we did it 2014. I believe our tour started September 29, 2014.. it was absolutely wonderful. We had perfect weather or near perfect everywhere. I remember clearly hiking North Face hike on October 3rd in Murren and we were in long sleeve t shirts during the hike.. it was my nephews birthday so the date was easy to remember… it was chilly in Munich but not cold.. we went to Octoberfest on the last Saturday of Octoberfest…. It was something to see but insanely busy and just too much for me to handle… our guide brought all of us to the Octoberfest and helped us get acquainted and understand..then after a pretzel several of us decided to head back to hotel and eat dinner near by.. we arrived a day and half early which was great.. I was still working then and was limited on time off. Now I wished we had arrived two or three days early… Murren was our favorite stop by far …loved listening to the cow bells..
Maybe because the GAS was my first trip to Europe I thought with each day of the tour it was better and more spectacular than the day before. We are booked to do the My Way alpine tour in August 2022.
I hope you bring back as many fond memories as we did… it was wonderful even better than I imagined would be. … pack light and with laying in mind.

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We did it in September and it was fine, but unpredictable. Cool in Germany, warm in Switzerland, and fine everywhere. after that. It would be met preferred time to travel regardless.

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We loved the GAS tour! Our tour started on September 1 and we arrived at the airport in Frankfurt on September 28. We took the train from the airport to St. Goar and toured the Reinfels castle that afternoon. The next day we took the KD boat up the Rhine to Ausmanhausen. The following day we went down the Rhine to Koblenz and took the train back. The day that the tour started we took the train to Trier to start the tour. It was very hot our 3 nights in St. Goar (end of August). We had a great hotel that looked out over the Rhine, but it wasn’t air conditioned. We had some showers that cooled Germany down while we traveled to Trier. It was rainy our first full day in Murren. The rest of our tour was mostly clear and comfortable weather. Most days we would have a light jacket in the morning and just Long sleeve shirts the rest of the day. The day the tour ended we took the train from Vienna to Rothenburg. We spent a day there before heading back to Frankfurt and flying home.
I hope you are able to spend some extra time either before and/or after the tour. My favorite stops were Murren and Hallstatt. Enjoy your planning.

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We did the GAS tour in Sept 2015 starting the first week in Sept. We followed it with Berlin, Prague, Vienna tour and a full week on our own in Vienna. Total time just over a month. Weather was really fine - mostly sunny and in the 60's. Your experience may vary! No guarantees. I was 74 that year and had no problems with the walking. Note that I was routinely walking 2-3 miles every day at that time. Again, your experience may be different. It is a fairly active and busy tour.
A couple of things to consider -
1. Trier is well worth a couple of days pre-tour. Lots of Roman stuff, look it up. The tour doesn't have enough time. Wines (Rieslings) are spectacular.
2. There is (was) a really nice wine bar in Trier right across from the Cathedral.
3. The tour is pretty fast paced except for Murren which is a chance to relax (unless you are a big hiker, we are not). If it is sunny make your own picnic. If not the hotel lounge is very nice.
4. Don't be in Munich for the October fest. We were not and it was still very busy/crowded. By all reports it is unmanageable during the festival.
5. The only problem with Sept is that some of the museums and some of the alpine gondolas may be closed. We ran into this in Munich and in Murren.
6. Saltzburg time was way too short and the hotel was a fairly long walk to the main part of town (in my opinion)
7. Vienna is wonderful for museums, art and music (and food). As is the case everywhere the tour just scratches the surface. Stay after the tour if you can.

Good luck!