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Best of Europe for RS veterans

We have taken 6 RS tours and are wondering if The Best of Europe in 21 Days would be a good tour for us. It seems to be an introduction to Europe for most people. The Italy portion would be a repeat as we did Best of Italy in 2008. We have talked to many people on our previous tours who have said it is the most fun of all the RS tours and we would like to have the experience, but do have some doubts. Anyone done this tour as a veteran of his other tours? Thoughts?

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I hope you don't mind my input. I have been on 12 RS tours. I just came home from the 14 Day Best of Europe tour. I had been to most of the cities on the tour except for the Swiss Alps. I have not taken the 21 Day tour, but the 14 day tour is similar and goes to some of the same places. I think it would be a great tour to do and I feel it doesn't matter if you see the same places. There is always something new to see, new museum, new place to eat, new adventure to have even if it is in city you have been to. I know that no matter how many times I have been to Rome, there is always another church I want to visit for the first time or a museum I want to see again. I feel that way about Paris too. And I am sure there are places you did not get to visit in some of the places you have been to, now is the chance to see it. I never find revisiting a place I loved, like Venice to be boring and it gives me a chance to go back to a restaurant I liked or go to a new restaurant. I have been to Vatican four times through the years, but this year I relaxed and visited the Vatican and did not take any photos as I have plenty of photos. It was nice just to go on the tour and not have to worry or take the time to take a picture. I could just enjoy what I am looking at! I also like to revisit a city or a place because I know my way around and don't have to spend too much time trying to figure out where I am going in my free time as I have an understanding of the city. You make the tour new and fresh just by going to places within the city that you never went to before.

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The BofE 21 day RS tour was the first RS tour we took. We have since taken another 11 RS tours. That first tour was a real whirlwind tour and I remember the guide telling us that we would not stay long enough in any one place to get real familiar with it. We should take good notes of all of the stops so that we could plan out where we wanted to return to. We did that and will be returning to our last "bucket list" from the first tour this coming summer. Would I retake the BoE tour, probably not yet. There are other places that I would want to return to again and spend more time. Thankfully, there were plenty of 2 night stops so as to cut down on the amount of unpacking and packing up again to leave the next morning. Lots of bus travel time. If after 6 RS tours you are considering taking that BoE tour, it might be a good oversight of places you have not yet seen. Happy travels.

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We did the BOE as our third RS tour, and absolutely loved it. And when the tour arrived at places we already knew (Florence and Rome, in our case), we loved it even more. Having been to those cities before allowed us to relax and slow down a bit, to take the time to explore new corners, and to revisit favorite places. Don't worry about duplicating experiences; there's always more to learn, and more to enjoy. Happy travels!

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I did Heart of Italy last year and did the 21 day this year. I had SO much fun! Even in Rome and Florence where I had been before I had a different experience with different guides and also saw some different things.

I loved the group experience and loved seeing everything! The guide was wonderful and put lots of things in context.