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Best of Europe (21 days) - July 3 - Fellow Adventurers

Hello Fellow Adventurers,

Just wanted to see if anyone else is on this tour. I know Anne and her Grandson will be joining. I am getting excited and thought we can start to get to know each other.

My name is Suzanne, but I go by Suzie. This is a belated 50th birthday gift. It has been 30 years since I have been able to travel. Because of work, I will arrive early morning on the 3rd but will be extending my days in Paris at the end. I am looking forward to so many things on this adventure. Including hiking in the Swiss Alps. However, I am not looking forward to the Gondola to get there. There is just something about hanging from a wire in a little basket. I will do it though. I may be sitting on the floor crying holding my phone/camera up to take pictures, but I will do it.

EDIT – I wanted to give a heads up. I do not want my fellow tour members to think I am crazy – yes, a little unique – but not crazy.

I will be bringing a stuffed monkey with me. (Bongo) There is a story with Bongo. I mentioned to my sisters that I was thinking of not taking him, they almost killed me. One even asked if I was on drugs. I seriously think that if I do not take him, I will get a package at one of the hotels with him in it.

Here is Bongo’s story. Many, many years ago he was stolen from me. The following Christmas I received a scrapbook with pictures of Bongo all over London and Paris. For many Christmases afterwards I received updates of his travels – Japan, China, California, Rhode Island/East Coast, New Year’s Party and from university. He left me naked. He now has a passport, fanny-pack, backpack and clothes including a French beret. (He is only going with clothes on his back.)

Hope to hear from you!


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Suzie, I wish I were going on this tour with you. The mental picture of you, huddled on the floor of the gondola, sobbing but gamely holding up your camera ... I laughed out loud, but also cringed, just a bit...

You are obviously someone who will be a delightful travel companion. You are going to have a wonderful time, and your tour mates will love you.

Oh, I've been on this tour twice; you're in for a treat. And I've never gone up in the gondola, lol.

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Height chicken checking in! Sometimes the cable cars have benches around the edge so I tried to get on first and grab a seat then look down. One time on the 21 day tour there were no benches and my wonderful tour mates did a huddle around me so I could look at their feet. They were awesome. Tell your guide. Let your tour mates know you have a fear of heights.

Once I was up to the platform on the Schilthorn or the hiking trail at Mannlichen I was fine. The trail from Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg was not sheer at all so did not bother me.

On the GAS tour I came down by myself to Mürren. I was sitting looking down and the cable car operator came over to ask me if I was ill. I said no, just bad with heights. He said OK and chatted with me all the way to the station. That was so sweet but internally I was screaming “Get back over there and drive this thing!!!!” 😬😂😂

I was determined to go up and the view and the hike for me was totally worth it!!

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Another height chicken who just does it anyway. Sweating, hyperventilating, and not looking out all the way. 😜

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I have this version of vertigo as well.
I’ve pushed myself to ride a gondola a few times and it’s always been worth it.
I haven’t been able to ride a Ferris wheel since I was 10 though!
Good luck and have a wonderful trip!

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And Ihope Bongo enjoys his trip too! How did he find his way back to you? Inquiring minds need to know!

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Oh, Pam,
I just can't picture that post came from you. I laughed all the way through it. From our previous communications I pictured you as not afraid of Anything!

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Another height chicken weighing in to just do it! I went up the Eiffel Tower with a friend and I stared intently at the floor of the elevator all the way up, and then pretty much stood as far away from the edge as possible, which is hard since it's not that big up there. Same thing with the dome at St. Paul's Cathedral in London. All my photos from those two places have railing in them. My trip over the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge in Northern Ireland was helpfully fueled by Bushmills whiskey (handily the stop before the bridge) and a lot of outside voice chanting "don't look down, don't look down." My tour mates were entertained. But I have also chickened out a couple times and reversed course - but more often than not I've been glad I took the trip up/down.

And the Bongo story is awesome. I had tour mates that brought a stuffed Goofy and took his picture at every monument and sight. A decade later he is used in photos to mark the growth of their children :)

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I'm determined to take the hot air balloon ride
on my Turkey tour. I'm getting some good ideas how to handle it if it becomes too much: huddle on the floor, phone in the air to capture photos from my $250 ride. Thanks for the tips!!

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"I'm determined to take the hot air balloon ride
on my Turkey tour. I'm getting some good ideas how to handle it if it becomes too much: huddle on the floor, phone in the air to capture photos from my $250 ride."
I'm with you, I am also determined to take the hot air balloon ride...although I may be frightened out of my mind! I'm hoping the serenity and beauty will calm my fears, as it has in the past with gondola rides and parasailing! We will be in Turkey next week for our RS Best of Turkey Tour...I can hardly wait! If you've already taken the ride, please let me know how it went, I hope it was fantastic!

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We just booked Best of Europe 21 day, for Aug 28, hoping to move it into September though...
We are looking forward to learning all we can about what to take, plan, leave behind, and be prepared! We also plan to start in London a few days before, and take a train to Amsterdam before we begin in Haarlem! Excited to learn from all who've gone before! We've followed RS for probably 25 years, using his teachings on prior trips to Italy & Germany. This is our first "real" guided tour! ❤️

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MelHar..this is a great one to start out with - blockbuster sights every day! I recommend you be in the best shape you can be in and add stairs to your fitness routine.

I loved going to London ahead of my 21 BOE. The train is even easier now as I think the Eurostar direct to Amsterdam has started again. I’d go to Haarlem the day before. Do laundry if you need to so you start with everything fresh!

@Elaine! Sorry, I just read your comment! I was on a rather dreadful Road Scholar tour that started to unravel pretty early on so was not on the forum for a few days. Thank you for your kind thoughts about me! I wish I were that person, lol!! Yes, total height chicken, caves are iffy, snakes are a no-go!!