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Best of Europe 14 Day Sept 19th to Oct 2nd

Looking for our fellow tour mates
are you psyched for this tour?

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so the decision, to bring the cellphone or not.
thinking the kindle will work


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For wifi access? I have a Kindle 3 that I took with me but it was so awkward to access the internet I did not even try it. I do always travel with my cell phone and use that for wifi, camera and alarm. This year I've upgraded to an iPad with a Kindle app for reading but have the other tablet functions as well. I have not had anything to provide me with cell service in Europe.

I can imagine you are getting psyched for this trip! Are you packed yet? I have not done but did the 21 day last year and it was the most fun ever! Really. I think about it and my tourmates every day. You will see such a variety of places...a real buffet.