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Best of England tour cancelled: September 6th departure

Just received notice from RS that tours with departure dates through 9/6/20 are cancelled. It’s sad but also a relief that we can move on.

Delta cancelled our flight in late April and issued a refund. Pre and post tour hotels have been cancelled with no penalty.

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Well, darn. This is a wonderful trip. I hope you can get to it in 2021.

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RS must be holding onto hope that some fall tours will run. You stated tours are cancelled through 9/6/20. My tour is 9/08-9/17/20. I’m on pins and needles waiting.
Sorry for your disappointment. Hope we can all fulfill our travel dreams next year!

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Sorry to hear about your tour, Bob.
I'm in same boat as Judy B, with a departure (mine is also Best of England) September 15.

Fully expecting it to be cancelled, but hoping nonetheless...

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I thought I read somewhere that all of 20's tours were canceled. I guessing that are using a rolling cancellation announcement just to easy the work load in the office when a cancellation is announced.

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Rick has stated in numerous interviews that he has practically given up on any remaining 2020 tours. So yeah, the slow cancellation is to give his office staff the ability to process refunds in standing with local state law and mandatory timeliness.

Of course a miracle could happen between now and the rest of the year allowing the remaining tours to happen. It would be a miracle on par with the parting of the red sea, but nothing is impossible.

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Take note:
Rick Steves has already cancelled tours starting through the first week of September.

That should tell us something, for those still hoping they can do tours after that date.

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Mark has it right. A miracle. We are not just talking about “reopening” but flights, and oh, being allowed to park 28 people on a bus. RS is unusual with full size buses and 28 folks but industry standards won’t have a special RS exemption. Regulators/health officials will be thinking of 56 passenger buses packed with 56 folks. Independent travel will open long before tour bus travel.

And course Rick is holding out for a miracle but a large number folks need to get out of the water (de Nile) and accept their tour, Christmas Market tour/river boat etc trip ain’t happening in 2020. Pure independent travel maybe. Just maybe—oh yeah- even if the country is open, just how do you plan to get there and back.

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Sorry your trip is cancelled. I am bummed now, because we are suppose to be on so England villages tour. I also found out thru RS FB group that Mark S was to be our guide. I heard he is awesome. I desperately need a vayca right now to all that is going on. My only highlight will be my sons wedding in a month!


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Our September 2 Portugal tour was cx today as well. Now waiting on the September 13 for the 8 day Barcelona Madrid tour to cancel.